Google introduces Lens Blur camera app for android camera phones

Google introduces Lens Blur camera app for android camera phones


Apr 29, 2014
Google creates Lens Blur camera app
Google creates Lens Blur camera app for android camera phones
Google has recently come up with an altogether new app known as “Lens Blur” which can be easily found out in Google Play App Store. Lens Blur can be installed or downloaded on any Tablet or Smartphone. The condition in this is that the OS in the device should compulsorily be either Android KitKat 4.4 version or a version higher than this one. However, Google has also furnished that it will be releasing out the permission for other devices as well that are running on other versions of Android OS. Lens Blur is an app amongst other picture mode options like Panorama and Photo Sphere. These are basically tricks of clicking pictures in different modes and style. The effects give a different look and meaning to the image. By using Lens Blur, the user can easily defocus the background effect and highlight the main subject above it. This app is quite tricky in implementation. The person needs to practice consistently in order to get it right. While using the function Lens Blur, the user is required to shift the phone upwards in sync with maintaining the focus on the main subject at the same time. If Lens Blur is utilized greatly, then it can turn out to give a remarkable effect to the photo. It can even work out to be a wonder like DSLR images. Lens Blur works after the image is clicked. It is an altogether new mode of Google Camera app. With just an Android phone or a Tablet, Lens Blur enables the user to capture an image with a shallow depth. Lens Blur changes the effect in the image after it is clicked. Once the image is clicked, Lens Blur simply focuses the main object and blurs the other object in the picture. The user needs to simply tap on the image that needs to be highlighted, rest Lens Blur takes care of. There are other options as well in this. Post implementation of Lens Blur the user can immediately see the change in real time itself. Lens Blur basically works on algorithm. While using this option, the user does not capture a single image. In clicking a single object, Lens Blur cannot be of any use. Instead, the user needs to sweep one’s camera in upwards direction in order to capture a wide picture for giving an effect to. After a frame is captured, Lens Blur basically utilizes an algorithm which creates 3D model. This estimates the depth or distance in the image. A layman would indeed find this option great and exciting. Clicking images gives immense pleasure to people. It records moments which can be cherished at any point of time in life. Lens Blur is also utilized for mapping features for Google Earth, Google Maps and Photo Tours.

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