Gaming Console Welcomes Back Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Gaming Console Welcomes Back Sinclair ZX Spectrum


Jan 29, 2015
    Gaming Console Welcomes Back Sinclair ZX Spectrum An 8-bit personal home computer and popular ZX Spectrum released in the United Kingdom by Sinclair Research Ltd in 1982 is all set to make a comeback. Sir Clive Sinclair, the respected entrepreneur and inventor, who launched a wide range of influential home computers during the 1980s, has now backed a latest project for ZX Spectrum brand revision. The ZX Spectrum emerged as a landmark computer during the 1980s period and helped the Britain classic have video games like R-Type, Manic Miner and Elite. Currently it is making a comeback in the name of Sinclair Spectrum Vega. This combination of a console and all-in-one controller is well styled in comparison with the original. It makes use of modern developments and technologies thereby making it cheaper and sleeker. Retro Computers Company has put together the latest model. This startup is backed by Sinclair Research, which has founded by the inventor of ZX Spectrum, Sir Clive Sinclair. A complete functional prototype has been concluded and currently the team is on its way to pitching on Indiegogo website so as to bag the first 1,000 consoles in the production list. After the device is hooked to the television sets, it has the capability of running over 14,000 games, which were developed during era of the Spectrum. The creator of this game is a UK firm named Retro Computers, which seeks from crowd funding site, named Indiegogo £100,000 to support the commercialization of the project and launched its first 1,000 units. The company, Sinclair Research is entirely responsible for the original of 1982 and is also a Retro Computers shareholder. A fresh innovation of the Sinclair Spectrum Vega by his talented team is a micro-console, which is sufficed with over one thousand pre-installed games from ZX Spectrum. Dazzling with a prior known aesthetics, the Vega is basically a miniaturized ZX Spectrum version, which is both a console and game controller, all in one. Around 21 hours from the launch of the project, Retro Computers Company has raised nearly £6,800 of overall funding. The remaining £93,000 will have to be raised by the company within the next 60 days. A royalty of Vega sales amounting to 10 per cent will straight away go for children care to Great Ormond Street Hospital. The immensely striking variation between the Sinclair Spectrum Vega and the original ZX Spectrum is the lack or latter’s buttons thereof. The features from all-in-one controller consist of four faced buttons (F, S, 1 and 2), a dedicated option for reset and a D-pad. Retro Computers states that it will come up with 1,000 pre-installed games whilst supporting extra loaded titles for the Spectrum from an SD card. Moreover, the company has also planned to release additional free of cost games after the launch. Retro Computers is expecting to raise £100,000 ($157,115 USD) from the campaigning of Indiegogo and backers are allowed to claim one of these first 1,000 consoles with a pledge of £100 ($157 USD) or even more than that.    

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