Interesting Game Elements of Far Cry

Interesting Game Elements of Far Cry


Dec 31, 2014
Interesting Game Elements of Far Cry Far Cry 3 is an admirable game but with some annoying design elements and a conflicting story. The story frequently default to nonspecific tribal formula and this is more to make an impact among the users.  Far Cry 3 is a wonderful and harsh tropical wonderland swarming over with wildlife and often threatened by pirates and drug runners to upset peace. Even though the wonderland is troubled it is colourful and wild and will tempt you to explore its narrow valley and discover new routes to enjoy the open world extensive playground rambling in front of you. This game lights up the longing to complete every last challenge and check out every last icons on the map.  The journey takes you through the whole two bright and errant islands helping you to hunt for rare game. Ideas of Substance On the way you hurry medicines to the needy communities and skinning sharks which will craft new wallets with their hides. The story does deal with communicating ideas of substance during the journey and it takes many hours for the themes to come together in a logical way. The game, on the PC, the online DRM can be a problem because the game can crash when the servers go down and it may happen even while playing the offline campaign. These are minor problems because the game does so much and does it fairly well. The technology used in Far Cry 3 is impressive and it shows the large portions of the landscape at one. It is better if the PC owner has a powerful system to get the glorious pleasure from the panoramas. It brings out a good and quality campaign with series of cooperative assignments which has four players shooting enemies and completing the purpose. Bit frustrating with Two Players The game, some encounters, can get a bit frustrating with only two players. Gunning down the bullet absorbing heavy enemies can be a real struggle. But with the action coming in terms the forceful gunplay shines even when the controlled levels take away the freedom of the open island.  The spirited and competitive multiplayer does not attribute many surprises during the path of the match. Outside the match the character progression is abode of some fascinating twists and turns to the usual display of expected features.  One of the twists is decoding and you can earn electronic objects like Memory cards, CDs etc after completing the matches and decode them, which is an automated process that takes place in few minutes or longer. The other one is the battle cry which gives a bonus like the health boost to you and the nearby teammates.  Your Ideas to Fruition The impressive multiplayer map editor of Far Cry 3 extends your good times and helps you to bring your ideas to fruition. Apart from the other facets of the game this helps you to kill a lot of time only on this feature.  The narrative idiosyncrasies stand out and some of the character are unaffected by the horrors caused on them, which is strange. Too Forced Some of the moments are too forced and are made to be shocking for the sake of shock alone. The tasks of the stories take you navigating the caves and holding off enemies in modern shooter fashion but in the wild you have the full paradise to tame.    

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