Holodeck Videogame Designed to Train Soldiers

Holodeck Videogame Designed to Train Soldiers


Feb 11, 2014
Holodeck Videogame trains soldiersIf the Army is indeed going to keep up with the overall military readiness that pressurizes while also seeing a major reduction in the troop size and the stagnant budgets, then it is indeed going to need more of the cutting-edge video games. The Army Contracting Command issued a very major Sources Sought notice for the various companies interested in very effectively demonstrating the various mature technological developments for the purpose of military training. Using the extremely commercial, off-the-shelf hardware combined with the gaming technology, this particular training system is very well and effectively provides the millions of the users with a high-fidelity immersive environment with a variety of the mission-centric applications that are indeed of great use. This also includes the overall simulation and the proper training, mission rehearsal and the data visualization. The VIPE Holodeck can very well support the live, virtual and the constructive simulation and the effective training that very well exercises including the process and phenomenon of team training, cultural and the language training and the support for the ground, air and the remote platform training. Off-the-shelf technology very well keeps the costs down while also in the process of making the future upgrades and maintenance completely easy to be performed and very affordable or cost-effective. Last year, the VIPE Holodeck took the first place in the Federal Virtual Challenge for the purpose of the navigation category, an extensive annual competition led by the vast U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Simulation and the Training Technology Centre, for the system’s Kinect integration navigation sensor, which particularly gives the various users the overall ability to do the various moves like the crawling, walking, running, stopping, jumping, moving side to side in the immersive environment. Where the VIPE Holodeck very particularly moves ahead of the other virtual simulators, according to Northrop, is the most advanced situational training where the service members can particularly walk through an area of the operation in the replicated virtual environment in order to prepare themselves for what they may very likely encounter in that exact environment in the reality. In order to enhance that particular training, the operators can likely drop the threats into the environment, including the IEDs and the large number of the enemy shooters, as well as the various signals that should tip them off to potential threats and witness the process in which they respond before they actually find themselves in that same situation in the real life. And it is very obvious and precise that versatility is something that the Army is after. The great thing about the virtual reality and the overall gaming technology is that it is moving so rapidly that really it has some dynamic endless possibilities that we can explore. A Holodeck Video game Designed to Train Soldiers, which has helped in a major way for the development of the soldiers along with the fact that it is highly entertaining.

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