How Electric Vehicles Are Hitting The Race

How Electric Vehicles Are Hitting The Race


Jun 20, 2014
How Electric Vehicles Are Hitting The Race Vehicle that are engineered to conquer the races have been historically, the most advanced, most powerful and the fastest cars on any of the roads. Race cars, for decades served not less than the laboratories where the newer and greater technology would either succeed or fail. And the successful technology always helped in the production models filtration. But, in order to maintain the suspense of the closed competition, strict rules are now ensured in the modern races. These rules have been incorporated right from the circle tracks of the South to Shanghai’s Formula 1 circuit. And this is the reason, why most of the engineers are behind the exploitation of tiny loopholes instead of becoming preoccupied in the innovation. As a result of this, almost all the production cars are more advanced if compared to their counterparts of the racing. Mitsubishi managed to field two 536 horse power all-wheel-drive MiEV Evolution II cars. Greg Tracy piloted one of these cars and stated to one of the sources that it is not just an electric car but also all in one. Unlike the cars powered with gas that required you gear shifting with a thought of the power band, this orientation come with automatism and advanced features. It is just a roller coaster akin linear power offering you out of the world accelerating experience. Once those extra stimuli have been removed, you are allowed to concentrating on reaching out the corner as faster as you can. It offers you with a mind boggling ability to have the maximum power in the last turn. Various other advantages cover up the instant four wheel torque that regenerated and vectors the system of braking. This proposed concept under the condition of racing is referred to electric motors serving as the second set of the brakes in order to solve the problem of overheating giving as assistance to the conventional pads and the rotors. Electric sedan driving system comes with a world class experience of agility that is physical defying. Such type of the systems are completely mechanical in the cars that are powered with gas, but Mistsubishi’s racers assure even the quicker reactions with the help of speed variation parameter of every individual motor. Mitsubishi pilot Tracy finishes less than second in ahead of Millen. They are positioned in the third and the fourth place respectively among the cars supported by electrics. The optimism in the progress of the technology in the domain of electric will surely to that of unlimited in the sooner era. Even though the vehicles with an internal combustion enjoy a never before technological head start of the century, electric cars now imposes the ever bigger in their mirrors offering a rear view, on and off the mountain. Technology took almost half of the weight with the battery cars and made it almost unbeatable.

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