Hydrogen powered cars from Toyota poised to be launched in the year 2015

Hydrogen powered cars from Toyota poised to be launched in the year 2015


Jan 18, 2014
Hydrogen powered cars from Toyota Very soon, hydrogen powered car from the aegis of Toyota is set for launch in the year 2015. This car has been deemed as “car of the future”. This FCV or fuel cell vehicle is just 1 year from its launch and soon it will be a reality. Toyota is a popular name in the field of automobile manufacturers. The concept of this car has been revealed by this Japanese manufacturer at Consumer Electronics Show held in 2014. This was a four seat sedan in metallic blue colour. On the basis of FCV prototype, Toyota FCV has been developed. It was used extensively for road testing in America.

Highlights of the car

There are two hydrogen tanks in this FCV concept car. Hydrogen and Oxygen from the atmosphere are mixed for creating electricity that helps in powering the car. As a result of this mixing and electricity generation, a 100 Kilo watt horse power is given out as the output. This power allows the car to gain speed from 0 to 100 km in an hour in just a matter of ten seconds. If the car is fully charged, the car can gain a top speed of 483 km. Water vapour is the only emission from the car. The major highlight of this car is that it is powered by hydrogen. Adequate energy is produced by hydrogen tanks to power a house for seven days theoretically. Work is going on for the creation of an external box by the engineers that will come handy for this purpose. The tanks filled with hydrogen are connected with a fuel cell which in its turn is connected with a boost converter. A power control unit or PCU and electric motors are also connected thereby creating a power train.


In the Research and Development related to fuel cell, a lot of investments have been done by Toyota for past couple of decades. The only challenge that is faced by the company is arriving it a reasonable price for this vehicle though, the company says that the cost for building fuel tanks of the vehicle and fuel cell power train have been reduced considerably. The launch of this vehicle is slated for the year 2015 with possibly 95% reduced costs in comparison to the costs that were seen in 2012 for building this amazing car.

California to get first Hydrogen cars

A 300 miles driving range is delivered by this four seat sedan prototype that can gain a speed from 0 to 60 in just 10 seconds which is quite amazing. Since the state of California has committed US $200 M being used for setting up of twenty hydrogen refuelling stations, the car will be first launched in this state. These stations will be set up by 2015 and by the year 2024, the number will reach up to one hundred. The news about launch of this car has garnered a lot of interest among automobile enthusiasts.

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