Bike Riding Is Even More Safe And Accurate With Art Exhibit

Bike Riding Is Even More Safe And Accurate With Art Exhibit


Jun 26, 2014
Art exhibit tracks bike rides to fight for safer streets In a country like Germany, riding a bike is quite a big thing. With increase in safety insecurity of residents and bikers, it has become very essential for the city to get equipped with bike friendly paths. The city of Germany has a great falling for creative walls across the city. With different themes for art exhibits, people in city display it on the walls of Germany city. These walls can not only be utilized for displaying a great art work but now is being planned to be utilized as a Bike tracking paths. It is very essential for people in Germany to be confident and safe while riding their bikes. Hence this form of art exhibits is being planned to work as a tool to display paths which require only bike riding. There are certain places in Germany which only support the usage of bikes. Ignorant about this fact several people miss upon this. Hence it is very essential for people in Germany to know about certain paths which only support bikes. This tool of art exhibits would display routes or path for bike riding in Germany. Also this tool would aid in making the German city friendly with bikes. German based designing agency Scholz and Volkmer has designed an app which would work as an art exhibit on smart phone or tablet. Instead of developing this tool live on wall, this art exhibit would work as an automated drawing tool or machine. Also this would also comprise of a free location app for tracking the exact location of bike. With an automated drawing tool, the software would automatically sense the route and initiate the drawing. This drawing would then be sent in a centralized system which would in turn aid for people searching for routes. This app is readily available and is easy to download. With great updates and apps coming in for tracking locations, this art exhibit would also turn out to be a splendid and useful app for bikers. Bikers can start downloading this app while they are on the go. This app immediately starts working as soon as the biker starts his or her riding journey. This app supports to record the route while the bike is being ridden by the biker. This app works with real time quality. The riders who are riding in single way can get their routes recorded in this final art exhibit or work. This in turn would aid in keeping a track of place most used for riding bike. This useful piece of information can be readily used as a weapon in fights for building bike tracks or lanes in Germany. Recently Germany has been termed and rated as the least bike friendly place in world. It is expected from the local Government to take action for the same. It is being planned by the local Government in Germany to utilize some tough scientific methods in order to determine bike routes for future usage. This initiative by the designing agency is indeed a boon for residents in Germany city. The early implementation of this software would bring in great changes in the city.

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