Stemlock discourages bike stealing by disabling steering of bike

Stemlock discourages bike stealing by disabling steering of bike


May 21, 2014
Stemlock discourages bike stealing With growing crime rate worldwide, it has been observed that the rate of bike stealing is exceeding to a great extent. It has become an alarming note for every other citizen to take utmost care of their while they are commuting on roads. Bike Stealers, dressed in a common person’s avatar come at a fast pace in order to steal the valuables as soon as possible. But from now onwards, one can definitely curb the possibility of any sort of theft irrespective of it being in cars, houses or bicycles. The cure to this is Stemlock.

Stemlock discourages bike stealing

What exactly is Stemlock? Stemlock is a sole and a unique type of a bicycle or bike theft prevention mechanism which dampens the efforts of the thieves for unlocking the steering of bike for its theft. The device, Stemlock, gets effectively locked on the bike making it difficult for the thieves to steer the handle. Once the device gets connected with the bike, it immediately disconnects the handlebar from the bar, thus leading to non – movement of steering of the bike. Stemlock can also be attached with the bike while the rider is riding it. The device is securely connected with the stem and folk of the bike. When the bikers park their bikes in the stands, they place a key inside Stemlock and further twist it. This then leads to disconnection of the bike’s stem from the fork. Hence the handlebars of the bike only swing from left to right but the wheel becomes tight. Since the wheel becomes non-movable, it becomes difficult for the thieves to ensure any possibility of steeling the bike. This feature of Handle bar disconnection not only takes away appeal of thieves from the bike but it also becomes easier for the bike riders to save a lot of storage space. The bike can be easily moved out and then entered in without any efforts. The launch of Stemlock is all set to be unveiled in Eurobike Show which is going to be held in the month of August. Stemlock has been developed and manufactured by IXOW. IXOW is a France based company which is also going to avail Synchrobox on an emergence basis. The launch of Synchrobox is also expected to be made at the same Eurobike Show, in the month of August this year. The pricing of Stemlock is expected to be set at 75 Euros which is equivalent to 103 Dollars. Specifications: The length of Stemlock is 100 mm and the diameter of Fork is 28.6 mm. The diameter of Handlebars along with the adapter measures between 25.4 to 31.8 mm. The stem angle is 14 degrees. Stemlock is available in black and white color. The pack of Stemlock comprises of 1 Stemlock, 1 Adaptor, 1 Star Nut, 1 Fork Steerer clamping screw, 1 Key, 1 User Notice and 1 Service Card.

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