Beware of Fake Whatsapp Desktop Client Malware

Beware of Fake Whatsapp Desktop Client Malware


Mar 10, 2014
Whats App Fake WhatsApp is the revolution in the messaging world and is a technology which was developed in the famous Silicon Valley. It was founded by two people who struggled 20 years of their life to build a messaging system. They were Jan Koum and Brian Acton. They both believed that very soon technology will take an important place in everyone’s life and everyone will have a Smartphone. This most famous and popular version of messaging is the most used app in the world. Some people may be eager to find out of whatsapp has a desktop version or not. Be careful if you see one because the company has not launched any official version of the app for the desktop. There are some fake scams that offer their own private version of the app and even if download it, the app will be full of advertisements and pop ups. It has been observed that the people who have created this scam are targeting the people currently in Brazil and he owners say that they have not provided any desktop service as of now. It is been guessed that the application just gathers the data of the owners which is stored in the system and their aim is to focus on their finances. The download link that is provided normally gets the access of the banking malware which then opens all the information which the scammers want. Also the scammers are easy to access any information as the service is given free for the first year. Lots of complaints are received from all corners of the world about receiving false messages, voicemails and threats about deactivating the account if the messages are not forwarded to other ten people. These chain messages are spread by fake people who call themselves the Director and owner of whatsapp. People also receive threats about losing all contacts and deactivating their account if they do not send these chain messages. They are informed that if they do, they will receive an auto update symbol on their screen which will let them have a new theme, design and color on whatsapp. The logo of whatsapp will turn red if you use the app regularly and similar fake messages are sent to everyone regularly without even receiving any update icon or calls related to the same update. This mobile app is facing some serious congestion and has limited accounts and who forwards these messages will have a free account without any charge for the app. On the other end, people who have ignored these chain messages are happily using their whatsapp without receiving any fake messages about the malware. Due to a lot of social messaging sites and platforms there are hundreds of users who register on these social media daily. Spammers take advantage of this huge number and try to target the audience. Smart people develop some fake applications to attract people and then make wrong use of their finances.

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