Manage long distance relationships with these latest apps

Manage long distance relationships with these latest apps


Feb 26, 2014
Long Distance relationships with these latest apps Scenario in Long Distance Relationship Love is never confined to just being near to each other. It also brews between couples who are living at great distances. But a long distance relationship leads to immense craving for love, bonding and connectivity as well. It repeatedly calls for more attention, connection and love for each other. Challenges are always there in relationships, but a long distance relationship often finds a lot more for managing with each other. Situations like distance, time, space, etc… hinder the couples by depriving themselves from love showering. However, the time is indeed fading where couples used to send letters, emails, etc… to each other. Today, technology has gifted people with such helpful and beautiful apps for staying connected 24×7. There are numerous long distance relationship apps that have really helped in keeping that love alive. Apps for Long Distance Relationship: With deep indulgence of the generation today towards technology, numerous apps have come up which are useful to people for different purposes. 1) Pair: Pair is a specialized app which is mainly developed for couples in long distance relationship. This app helps in doing lot of things. Couples can send private text to each other. There is a button which when pressed alerts the other one. They can share sketches and photos. This app is also known as thumb kiss which makes it sound more cheesy and classy. The phone vibrates when they place their thumbs together on one single point. 2) Avocado: Avocado is an extended version of Pair. Avocado is not only confined towards sharing pictures, text messages and sketches but it also helps in creating events on calendar. By doing this, the user can save special dates of his or her life. This app is a paid one. But it is worth going for in long distance relationship. 3) Postagram: Postagram is a very innovative app by Sincerely Inc. The couples can select a picture from instagram account and get it printed on postcard. This postcard       can be easily delivered to the other one’s destination. A private message can also be included in this. 4) Skype: Skype is the most popular application worldwide. It is actually the life of people sitting on distances. Skype is no more confined till laptops. Now Skype can be easily accessed from smartphones, tablets, etc… It enables portable video chatting with your loved ones. Skype allows you to share videos, pictures, messages, etc… 5) BBM: This fantastic app of Blackberry’s Research in Motion is no more restricted for only Blackberry users. It is a messaging or chatting app that could be accessed with a very nominal charge. BBM for blackberry users is free of cost. While BBM for other smart phones need to be downloaded and paid on monthly basis. It is very fast. Pictures, messages, videos, etc… can be shared and received with an eye blink. 6) Facebook: Facebook is everyone’s choice. It is the most active and used social networking portal and app. Facebook is now on phone as well. Couples can share their pictures, videos, updates, etc… on Facebook. Also they can have a private conversation here. Apart from these apps, couples can also go for some other apps like SkyScanner, Kayak, uPacking List, Four Square, BreakkUp, etc…. for managing long distance relationship.

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