Asus Transformer Book Trio Most versatile hybrid till now

Asus Transformer Book Trio Most versatile hybrid till now


May 28, 2014
Asus Transformer Book Trio   The brand Asus, better known as “Asustek Computer Inc.” has successfully emerged to make its name and mark in the IT industry. A Taiwanese Multinational organization is based and headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. Founder in the year 1989, Asus indeed has come up with its valuable developments in the field of Information Technology. Asus manufactures and deals into Desktops, Net books, Laptops, LED/LCD panels, networking equipment, monitors, mobile phones, Tablet PCs, etc… With several successful products like Asus chromebook, Duet – Transformer Book Asus, Asus has now recently launched its Asus Transformer Book Trio. It is great to read ahead in order to understand about the product in details.

Asus Transformer Book Trio:

Asus has been following the concept of innovation quite seriously from its inception. With the philosophy of offering products in one device with various uses has been impressively introduced in its range of products. Asus again proved the presence of its multi-use products by announcing and launching its hybrid three in one Laptop at Computex 2013. The end of last year showcased the successful welcome of this multi tasking Laptop “Duet – Transformer Book Asus”. This Trio offering diligently reflects the passion of Asus in transforming devices for enhancing further utilities. Let us understand about every feature in greater detail. 1. Body: Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201LA has followed the class design of Asus. The Trio Laptop is made up of aluminium built flaunting a trendy, sophisticated and premium look. The lid of laptop has been finished with a brushed metal element which is quite pleasing and appealing to the eyes. It is protected from fingerprints mark and so it retains its look and beauty for a longer period of time. With a detachable screen, the Asus Laptop can be easily used as Tablet. It enabled the user in easy portability and usage. 2. Dimensions: Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201LA has promised to come up with compact and sleek dimensions meeting the demands of the current generations. The Laptop measures at 12 x 7.6 x 0.38 inches weighing roughly at 1.5 Kgs. With such excellent measurements, the user cannot sit back from purchasing it. 3. Display: On focusing upon the display of Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201LA, the Laptop definitely flaunts an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen which supports touch as well as type features. The 11.6 inches screen is efficient for viewing. The pixels of screen are 1080 x 1920 pixels. 4. Memory: Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201LA is equipped with a 2 GB RAM which is quite efficient for supporting different apps and downloads which occur on regular basis. There is a provision from memory card which supports microSD cards with an expandable memory of upto 64GB. Users can be delighted to avail this model with three different internal memory options namely 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. 5. Connectivity: Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201LA comprises of Bluetooth 3.0 version for easy and quick connectivity. The Wi-Fi support on this laptop is impressively quick and speedy. USB port enabled the users to quickly share and transfer files between different interfaces.

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