Asus Transformer Book Duet- Doubles up as a hybrid laptop

Asus Transformer Book Duet- Doubles up as a hybrid laptop


Jan 18, 2014
Asus Transformer Book Duet TD300 or ASUS Transformer Book is a tablet computer that is a 13.3 inches. Two OS or operating systems are used by this device in an interchangeable manner. These two operating systems are Google’s Android 4.1 and Microsoft’s Windows 8.1. A keyboard that is detachable and a tablet screen are featured by this device. Asus has tried to follow on the footsteps of Samsung in creating a dual operating system laptop which can be referred as first quad mode of the world. Though, a little peculiar but quite interesting, this Transformer Book Duet which is 1.12 inch in thickness can switch between Android and Window by just pressing a finger on keyboard dock or pressing a virtual button on this thin tablet about 0.5 inch thick. The touch screen dimensions are 1920 x 1080 and are about 13.3 inch thick in this hybrid laptop which uses Intel Core i7 chip for running. Seamless and smooth switching between these two operating systems becomes possible with this chip with laptop-grade. All sorts of claims are being made by ASUS for its TD300 like double speed of hybrid rig when competing with tablets based on ARM. 4GB backing up is available for the CPU in DDR3 RAM and user either choose a 1TB size hard drive or up to 128 GB SSD. Added features like Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a HD webcam facing front makes it all the more interesting. Physical connections available should also be checked out. Those on offer are headphone jack, 64GB microSD, 3 USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet and audio ports available on keyboard dock.

A wide selection of apps

With 2 operating systems available in this hybrid laptop, a large number of apps are readily available with TD300.Almost 1 million are available from Google Play and 50 K from the Windows store besides several from existing channels of Widows. Since, patented operating system technology by Asus has not been virtualized, switching between Windows apps and Android apps is allowed easily and conveniently. The weight of keyboard dock and tablet together is 4.18 lbs which makes this gadget quite light in weight and easily portable.

Four in one device

This gadget is also considered as 4-in-1 device as not only easy switching between Windows and Android is possible but also ultrabook and tablet can be interchanged without any problem. Only 4 seconds are taken by the device to make a switch between two operating systems. Its black colored chiclet keyboard is detachable and a key for switching is located between Android and Windows. Its 7 inch display also adds more character to this extraordinary piece of technology. Soon the price of this gadget will also be available.

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