Asus’s chromebook the best buy

Asus’s chromebook the best buy


Dec 11, 2013
Chrome book from Asus- A worth buying gadget!

Asus chromebook

The market has been inundated with an amazing range of new age Chrome books. In the latter half of this year, both Asus as well as Acer are planning to launch new models keeping in mind growing demands for a technologically advanced product. C7 Chromebook from Acer has experienced reasonable success. This chromebook has features like screen with 11.6 inch and 1.1 GHz Celeron chip powering this model. It comes with 320 GB hard drive. Recently Asus launched a netbook worth $2300 quietly into the market with all popular markings that are seen in a Chromebook with the only difference being its Windows 8 OS. The major features of this product are 2 GB RAM, Celeron 847 Processor and a hard drive with 320 GB. Chrome OS can be easily loaded in Asus chrome book which is an interesting feature. The chrome book from Asus is not expected to be released before this year wraps up but when this product does get launched in the first half of 2014, it is going to take technology sector by revolution. It is being priced cheap and is going to follow several new smartphones being launched. The strength of Asus lies in its PC business but for some time, the company is experiencing many lows and highs with lows exceeding highs. The need for reinventing is being felt strongly. As per Taipei Times, the company is all geared to introduce an interesting line of Chromebooks in the coming year. 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch Chrome notebooks powered by Chrome Operating System are expected to hit the market. The price of these products is expected at $249 and $199 respectively. Before the end of the first quarter in the year 2014, these two products are expected to be launched all over the world. With this, the company will foray into computing area. This will surely offset decline being registered in its traditional PC business based on Windows.

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