Most awaited features with the new Apple iOS 8

Most awaited features with the new Apple iOS 8


Jun 19, 2014
What Awaits Apple Fans with the new iOS 8 The new iPhone 6 has not undergone any dramatic change in terms of the outer design but it is speculated that Apple will offer a tighter Mac integration and a more rounded out design as compared to its previous version. The fingerprint sensor of Apple’s Touch ID feature will have lesser restrictions with newer software kits to be added along with the gadget. Application developers may have access to the new operating system even before the official release date is to be announced which is estimated to be approximately three months. For those interested in getting their software updated can avail of it if they have an iPhone 4S or above and iPad 2 in case of the tablets. The iPod touch 5th gen can also get access to the new iOS. The iPhone 6 with iOS 8 is slated for a September launch this year. Till date the fingerprint scanner feature limited users from bypassing the lock screen and being able to buy apps from iTunes store. However, with the iOS 8 app developers will get a special access with a five digit login tool thereby enabling all apps to make use of the biometric scanning home button. Once you’re done upgrading your Apple gadgets, making eBay and all other e-commerce transactions will merely be a ‘touch’ away. One no longer has to deal with issues of having forgotten their password as the fingerprint sensory feature will be much more unique and a safer method to keep valuable data secure.  Online shopping will also be easier as scanning can be done through the gadget’s camera scanning credit cards and auto-filling up of information. Do not worry about app developers getting access to your valuable data because all your biometric information is stored in the A7 processor much to your relief. In the messaging section there will be greater flexibility for group messaging. Adding and removing people from group conversations will be much easier and you can easily block certain incoming messages by using the Do Not Disturb Toggle. Location sharing is also going to be a part of the messaging feature. Features that are found in Snapchat like video messages or voice clippings that self-destruct after it has been played will also be available with the new iOS. Get smart with your home electronics as well as you control all devices connected to your smartphone with the iPhone itself. You can lock doors, turn of lights, adjust the thermostat, shut your garage; and so much more. Third party keyboards, Swype will also be an important part of the new iPhone 8 and it will be a welcome feature for most iPhone users and those you found it a downside when compared to the android counterparts. So overall the speculations have created quite a buzz and a few more months to go before eager gadget lovers can get their hands on this new iPhone.      

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