Korea contributing 3D wings to the world of fashion

Korea contributing 3D wings to the world of fashion


Mar 11, 2014
3D wings to the world of Fashion by Korea The craze for 3D is increasing day by day. After 2D, 3D is ruling the world. We can find 3D in everything around us. The world has become digitized. The 3D technology is actively contributing to the digital contents that are published on internet. The digital content is being launched with the help of 3D display. Today not only our Smart phones but even television, laptop, Tablets, etc. are equipped with a 3D display screen. 3D technology is expected to become a key element in Fashion Industry. The role of 3D technology is beyond one’s expectations. It is majorly used in virtual reality, computer graphics, human body scanning machines, 3D display screens and 3D Printers. 3D technology can bring a boom after entering the Fashion Industry. It is going to bring a revolution on Internet as a large customer base can be found on internet only. 3D can be used in fashion business which is on Internet, globalization, cultural industrialization, customer oriented industrialization and high value added industrialization. It has been seen that the e-commerce websites are increasing rapidly with time. We could have never imagined that people can even buy clothes through internet. Ever since, cloth has existed it has always been seen in customized manner. But today, internet is capable of bringing 3D in e-commerce websites. People can make an order well in advance by applying a 3D Avatar which runs through 3D technology. These will open doors for a new market that will comprise of people who are looking for customer oriented mass customized products. Korea contributing 3D wings to the world of fashion The fashion technology is evolving with time. Korea has given the 3D Fashion Technology to the Fashion Industry. It works on hardware and software aspects. In the beginning a 3D non touch 3D scanner will be provided to business houses that are in clothing industry. The information that is provided by the consumers will be accepted by this 3D scanner. It will read the specifications made by the consumer with respect to clothing. This device will represent the human body which will help in coming up with a right fitment product. The 3D Scanner is convenient for measuring human body sizes.  It stores the data for a long period of time. This device indeed helps in saving a lot of time. It captures the data exactly and reduces any possibility of getting the product returned by the customer. 3D Scanners are of great use if used properly. It helps in getting all the sizes in records. The 3D Scanners can be supplied at home as well. However there are various apparel sectors that have yet not started using 3D Scanners. However the underwear segment has started using the 3D scanners. The Korea Agency for Technology and Standards is actively using non contact 3D scanners for doing a research on personal sizes and postures of people under the Project titled Size Korea. Some of the popular 3D Scanners that have been marketed is quite renowned. They are Photonics (Japan), Human Solution (Germany), Cyber Ware (USA) and Telmat (France).

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