Still take time to trust Amazon Drone Deliveries

Still take time to trust Amazon Drone Deliveries


Dec 17, 2013

Take time to trust Amazon Drone Deliveries

Internet age is another name for ‘Quick Age’. Living in this wonderful age makes everything quicker, faster and better manner. This quick age laughs down at the olden times when our ancestors had to rush through different kinds of markets to shop. Such days are left way behind. Today we need not move an inch from our beds and we can shop through all the best market places of the world. In this amazing world now we can shop in just a few clicks. Online shopping has challenged all kinds of other shopping scenarios it is an amazing way to get the products by few clicks. One could get it at doorsteps in just few days. Well Amazon an online shopping store is even ready for taking online shopping to the next level. They have all the new plans to deliver goods in just no time. Amazon’s Amazing Plan The Amazon people are taking online shopping to a higher level. They are devising such procedures that could deliver products that weigh up to 2.3kg to customers in just 30 minutes after placing their order. They would be able to do this with the help squadron of the unmanned “octocopters” that could actually drop the parcels at the customer’s gate. For this particular strategy they might provide training to the people to become a small commercial UAV pilot and hence leading to quickest deliveries. Challenges Ahead Well the plan is not as fancy and simple as it sounds. They Amazon have to cross many hurdles until they reach their goals. The deliveries will not be on simple places it had to travel through densely populated areas. The UAV’s flying through such places is actually against current safety regulations. The feasibility of the project is subject to various practical issues. As the drones are to be used for delivering online orders then they would have to be kitted properly in case of any problematic situations.  For the delivery one cannot purely rely on the communications between the pilot and the drone working a miscommunication could lead to terrible situations where the product needs to be protected very well. Another point that leads to confusion is that the drones are not the ideal carriers for the long distance deliveries’, for the time being its battery is limited to just half an hour. Also such kinds of deliveries could lead to airspace traffic and collisions and could also lead to injuries in exceptional cases. So, this factor needs to be taken care off. Hopes Alive After this development it is expected that the safety rules and regulations could be updated in favorable manner that will help such quick deliveries. Efforts are also required to project better and safe UAV’s for efficient deliveries.  

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