3D printer for $1199 at Monoprice

3D printer for $1199 at Monoprice


Jun 19, 2014
Monoprice is selling a $1199 3D printer Gone are the days when 3D printing felt like an unimaginable dream like thing because with cheaper versions being launched in the market, 3D printing in your homes will soon be only a few hundred dollars away. The online marketplace of Monoprice has made 3D printers available at cheap prices. While printers with more than one colour is still an expensive buy, single coloured 3D printers are no longer that expensive and can be easily availed at a price as less as $1199. This printer comes by the name of Product Number 11614 and is capable of printing two colours in one single print. It makes use of two extruders as compared to most 3D printers available these days that have only one extruder which limits its capability to print in more than one colour or for more advance users, having to replace the plastic filament responsible for filling in the printer while it is halfway through its printing process.Just like the MakerBot line of printers, this 3D printer for $1199 printer offers a 100 micron resolution and a comparatively smaller build volume of 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 inches. Controlling the printer functions through WiFi or any mobile device is still not a feature of the Monoprice printer. One can easily make use of a 4GB memory card for printing and an LCD screen that it comes with. A lot of comparisons have been drawn with the MakerBot Replicator 2X which also had two extruders and is pretty similar in terms of design and function to the Replicator. However when it comes to a price evaluation, MakerBot printers are of a much higher range and Monoprice definitely offers its printer at a much competitive price tag. In terms of built, much like most of the products coming from the makers of Monoprice, the printer too is pretty low-key with a powder coated metal outer and a heated build plate in the interiors that aid in printing ABS and PLA. Monoprice has already been known for its sale of 3D printer filaments at cheap prices in the market that has made the company pretty popular and loved amongst the 3D printer owner’s community. Now that they have also introduced their own range of printers, it is not long when companies like HP and Dell too bring out their version of 3D printers as well. Ajay Kumar, the CEO of Monoprice has stated: “We figured all along Monoprice’s customers were interested in 3D printing, but we received an important indicator last fall when we started selling filament.  It sold well hinting that this would be a market worth exploring further.” With their clever marketing skills and competitive pricing as well as quality designs, the company is proving its prowess in the tech world pretty successfully.

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