Volkswagen working on new 10-speed gearbox

Volkswagen working on new 10-speed gearbox


May 28, 2014
volkswagen 10 speed gearbox About Volkswagen: Volkswagen one of the top selling automobile brands has successfully emerged to be the second largest automobile maker in the world. The German Automobile Company, Volkswagen is based and headquartered at Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. It forms the biggest German manufacturer of splendid and outstandingly beautiful cars. The cars manufactured by Volkswagen is renowned for its splendid creativity, innovation and competitiveness vis-à-vis other automobile companies. Listed in the category of top 10 cars of the world, Volkswagen proudly lists three of its cars namely Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Passat. Also Read: Semi Automated Corvette with quadriplegic patent Latest offering from Volkswagen: Prof. Martin Winterkorn, head of Volkswagen Group has recently broadcasted about the latest innovation that is all set to be revealed in the market. He announced that Volkswagen is working on developing a 10 Speed DSG Gear Box that would be highly different from the other competitor cars. This uniquely and ultra efficiently 10 speed gear box would also comprise of a modular diesel engine that would promise to give a high amount of performance. The engine is capable of developing 134 bhp litres of displacement. While addressing at “The International Vienna Motor Symposium”, Dr. Winkerton revealed that the engine as well as the 10 speed gearbox is a contributor to the commitment made by the Volkswagen Group for reducing fleet wide CO2 emissions to 95 g/Km by the year 2020. Volkswagen group has yet not confirmed about the date of launch yet it confirms and promises to maintain and contribute towards the protection of environment by taking up eco-friendly car initiatives. Dr. Martin also revealed that he believes in the potentials and strength of internal combustion engines that are presently used in Volkswagen cars. He said, “Since the year 2000, we’ve reduced the fuel consumption of our TDI and TSI engines by more than 30 per cent. I’m convinced that by 2020 we can achieve further increases in efficiency of around 15 per cent.” During the early 2011, only Chrysler has surprised the world by launching and coming up with a nine speed gear box. The gear box committed a double digit jump for fuel economy with modern transmissions promising a seven speed commitment. But by announcing of a ten speed gearbox, Volkswagen has indeed taken the world for a tour. With promising features superior than that of Chrysler, Volkswagen has indeed taken a step ahead of the present cars. Volkswagen is expected to launch its ten speed gear box in its 2015 model of Volkswagen Passat. Since there are more options to choose the gear, the engine would facilitate optimizing the RPMs which would further lead to fuel and cost savings. Dr. Martin and Hans Jakob Neusser, Head design also said, “the new transmission will help meet the bold goal of improving fuel economy by 20 percent across the entire VW group model range — which includes the Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche brands.”They also added, “This new 10-speed dual sequential gearbox will be capable of handling up to 369 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough to work in the wonderfully over the top Golf R 400 if we should be so lucky.”

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