The Green Car Competition is here: This time EcoCar 3 is for Chevrolet Camaro

The Green Car Competition is here: This time EcoCar 3 is for Chevrolet Camaro


May 12, 2014
EcoCar 3 is for Chevrolet’s Camaro Since global warming has risen up to a great level, it’s after effects are being experienced and seen by people today. The development of automotive components and other elements strongly impact the environment around us. The future of automotive industry deeply influences the condition of Mother Earth. As technology is moving ahead in life, one cannot attribute the efficiencies level for emissions and gas mileage for small and hybrid cars. Instead each and every aspect needs to be deeply connected and efficient for it. Keeping this in mind, the EcoCar 3 competition has been announced. With this challenging competition to develop hyper-efficient cars, students pursuing career in this industry have been overwhelmed with this completion. What is EcoCar Challenge? EcoCar challenge is a competition wherein the Department of Energy, GM, colleges, schools and universities in United States of America come together to participate in creating hybrid cars. The basic objective and winning point of this competition is to create and build extra efficient cars with newer versions. However, the twist is not clear yet. EcoCar 3 is for Chevrolet Camaro The students who will win the EcoCar 3 competition would be selected to work upon Chevrolet’s Camaro (source: Detroit News). Although the paramount version of Chevrolet’s Camaro is out in market yet the winners would bring great improvements in this car. The current version of Camaro is equipped with V6 i.e. 22 Mpg. The re-development of this car is indeed a challenging task. Without disturbing the sporting character of Chevrolet’s Camaro, the students need to completely enhance the performance and efficiency of this car. As the level of competition has increased greatly, the challenge in EcoCar3 is way ahead than it was in EcoCar 2 and EcoCar 1. The challenge is quite sexier in comparison to the previous championships. In EcoCar 2 challenge the winners had to work upon Chevrolet’s Malibus which is also a great car in all perspectives. A lot of time is spent in coming up with a newer version of a much talked car. The competition brings in great PR for the achievements made. It is great to drive and check out a car similar to Camaro. The competition is a great opportunity for students and people taking part in this. They need to prepare well upon the concepts in order to create a new version of Camaro. In order to fulfill their goals, students will go to any extent right from changing up the powertrain with hybrid systems or alternative fuels to weight reduction and improved aerodynamics. However, the process of research and development will be similar to the one followed by GM and the big shot automakers. It would not only give a chance to the students to work on the car but more importantly it would give them an exposure to check the automotive industry from near point. Finally the best part of this competition would be to bring in the worst offenders to a respectable position. It would dramatically impact upon the industry’s average. A great opportunity for the students in USA, EcoCar 3 is definitely a place to be.

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