How does the umpire cam work in IPL cricket

How does the umpire cam work in IPL cricket


May 2, 2014
Umpire Cameras are here in IPL How does the umpire cam work in IPL cricket? Cricket has actually become a national sport of almost every other country. It has replaced the craze and madness for the national sports. With numerous tournaments coming up, almost every other Indian is hooked to one’s TV sets during the matches. Previously Indians used to crave for watching Indian play but today they enjoy matches played by all the countries. With the introduction of IPL i.e. Indian Premier League, cricket has actually gone through a lot of developments. IPL is a tournament wherein players from all the countries are bought by owners of different teams. The team is a mix of players across the world. While the match is on, it is very essential to record and have a note of every activity happening at match ground. Hence, this time IPL has gone through a major shift and change. The IPL League has introduced umpire cams for every single umpire, umpiring while the match is on. Each umpire wears a cap which dons a camera just above the head of the umpire. The camera is quite small in size and works with the help of a battery. The pack of battery is placed behind the back of the umpire. The wires that connect the battery pack with the umpire camera is covered with the help of a strap. This strap runs across the umpire’s shoulders and also covers the radio relay to successful transfer the videos to the production control rooms. The umpire cams is a new sizzling twist in the viewing experience of IPL matches. It brings more action and reality to the activities that are happening on the pitch. The cricket stadiums are already covered with different cameras namely TV camera across the stadium, Slo-mo Super cameras, Spidercam, the stump cam and this additional cam i.e. Umpire Cams. Umpire cams have previously been utilized in the BBL matches. Umpire Cams are bringing a drastic change and development in the functioning of sports broadcasting. The sole objective behind including umpire cams is to enhance the experience of the match lovers present worldwide. It also manages to bring greater clarity and nearness for viewing the pitch action and experience. The Umpire cams were first revealed in the inauguration match of this 7th session of Indian Premier League held between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians. The Big Bash League held in Australia revealed these third generation cameras under the 3rd Eye Cams along with the sunglasses as well as helmet cams. The umpire cams will definitely ensure the masses in having a great viewing experience of the action that is taking place at the pitch. Along with stump camera, slo-mo cameras, etc… these umpire cams will give great realistic feel to the viewers. The HD effect too will be marvelous. With the passage of years, IPL has revived to a great extent. Every now and then, it is coming up with new innovations thus becoming a trend setter. With umpire cams on the hats, the viewers can really enjoy the spice and action on the pitch with real experience.

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