Top 10 educational video games for kids

Top 10 educational video games for kids


Sep 23, 2014
Top 10 educational video games for kids Kids of the 21st century are exposed to new educational patterns. Just about a half century back, education was supposed to be imparted in school buildings only, by teachers, through prescribed books and teaching procedures. The advent of new technology has brought about a sea change in educational formats. It is now universally accepted fact that children can be taught through games. It is also established that kids develop independent thinking by playing a variety of video games. Many video games available in the market for educational purpose are really impressive.
  • Dora The Explorer: This is an easy and popular game meant for kids between 3-6 years. The character of Dora the explorer is already well known. Kids can learn more about shapes and colors. They also enjoy knowing about numbers and words.
  • Flower: This game gives all positive messages to the players. The players simply control and direct movement of the petals, which are floating on the breeze. The game is entertaining and teaches the players about nature and the environment.
  • Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7: this game is a progressive extension of the earlier game meant for kids 1-4 years of age. Kids start differentiating good from evil through this game. The gamers by use of LEGO figurines and some new characters live in the world of Harry Potter. The game is replete with magic and mystery.
  • Scribblenauts: This is a word based adventure game. It is an open ended puzzle, which everybody loves to play. Kids are expected to help the hero named Maxwell, in the game, collect little yellow stars. The power of language and logic of kids is tested at each level. The creativity of the children gets a boost.
  • Kinectimals: In this game kids use their hands to interact with twenty different animals, including cubs of lion, tiger and bear, who keep smiling and rolling over. Kids develop intuitive skills during play of this game. Magic School Bus: This game is ideal for children between 6 to 10 years of age. Kids love this magic bus, which takes them to all interesting locations. The visiting places could be as diverse as rainforest, oceans or even planet Mars. Kids are taught about interesting facts of science.
  • The Oregon Trail: This game is meant for kids about the age of 10, who can understand and concepts of starvation and drowning. Players travel in a closed wagon, in the game. Players are required to fight the dangers and survive by using their skills. This game improves history and geography knowledge.
  • Professor Layton Series: Kids of age 10 and above would enjoy this game. Players are expected to help the central character, Professor Layton and his assistant Luke Triton to solve mysteries, by applying logic and knowledge of spatial orientation and mathematics.
  • Lego Friends: This is an adventure game. Lego’s collection of building toys is a contributing factor in the popularity of this game. The emphasis is on girls of age of 6 years. Nonviolent activities from animal care to sports are bound to inculcate positive attributes in Kids’ behavior.
  • Forza Motorsport 4: Motor racing is one of the most popular games for kids of all ages. The thrill of racing the cars at breakneck speed on the race track is greatly enjoyed by the players.
The above mentioned have potential to sharpen kids’ brains. These video games are developed for different age groups as per the skills required. Kids enjoy them immensely.      

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