The Highway Patrol Cop Of The Future Is A Robotic Unicycle

The Highway Patrol Cop Of The Future Is A Robotic Unicycle


Jul 22, 2014
The Highway Patrol Cop Of The Future Is A Robotic Unicycle The Design Challenge, hosted and presented by LA Auto Show takes place every year. The Auto show challenges several auto – designing labs across all the automobiles brands to develop cars and bikes with an altogether advanced and very unique designing of automobiles that could speculate the upcoming trends. The Design Challenge held this year was based on the theme “highway patrol 2025”. With a positive response to this theme, several automobile giants like BMW, Subaru, GM, Honda, etc… came up with explicitly beautifully themed concepts. Though Subaru, GM, BMW and Honda emerge to be the patrons of imagination yet they showcase their offerings more often in the form of an agreement between other brightest creations of automobile industry. Since, the coming time is predicted to be jammed, automated, etc… such brands cannot do without getting into an agreement. The theme totally based for police and defense professionals showcased excellent creations. Robotics holds an important position in defense sector. It offers law enforcement agencies with force multiplier. This further enables the offices to work productively in less cost. The automobiles entrants who participated in Design Challenge were able to understand and implement this concept in straightforward manner. Mercedes Benz has developed an SUV that is highly advanced and fuel efficient. It is meant for police forces that require more road spaces. General Motors has developed Volt Squad that is a three vehicle manned system. The Robotic Unicycle concept submitted by BMW and Honda outshines from the ones provided by other players. The concepts presented by BMW and Honda reflect more of routine patrolling undertaken by police forces. Honda’s CHP Drone Squad is an advanced design that is basically a manned system making highway patrolling similar to intelligence gathering system carried out by U.S. Military. The automobile has been developed with a vision for the year 2025. By the time 2025 arrives, there would be enormous changes with respect to traffic control. Honda’s CHP Drone Squad would ideally aid in a smooth traffic controlling. Honda’s CHP Drone Squad comprises of two wheeled motorcycles better known as Moto Drones. Cruiser and Moto Drones can very easily be channelized to catch up offender that often runs away after making road crimes. Similarly BMW has come up with an advanced and more functional concept known as E – Patrol. E – Patrol has been developed by BMW Group Designworks USA. E – Patrol is basically a manned police cruiser ideally meant to beat the demands of future. Los Angeles 2025 has been predicted to create and host upon a traffic filled and swift moving transportation atmosphere. The concept would test the efficiency and outcomes of these different automobiles. E – Patrol is expected to set out its ground vehicles and aerial drones to catch vehicles that have run post crime. These advanced devices would also enable to gather secret information and supply it back to the hub. This task would be carried on by some of the trained officers who are pioneer in different departments.  

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