Get clicked every 30 seconds with wearable memoto camera

Get clicked every 30 seconds with wearable memoto camera


Feb 26, 2014
Memoto life logging camera Capturing moments by Narrative Clip: The best moment s of our life just comes by a surprise. We do not even realize when it comes and when it goes. But what we like to do is to capture those moments and live them whenever we want to. Hence, we use a camera or a handy cam which helps us in clicking moments. But what to do if a capturing moment appears and we fail to click it? How would we feel when we miss upon some breathe taking capture? We tend to feel helpless. Narrative clip, a project by Memoto, brings an incredible device which clicks a shot in every 30 seconds. It has been designed in a way that it keeps capturing two shots in one minute. Whatever and who so ever comes in front it, the narrative clip immediately clicks it. The Narrative clip has created a buzz in the market. It is not like the one that has been launched by Google namely Google Glass. It is a very portable device which can be attached anywhere. Memoto camera clip Narrative Clip appears like a tie clip. It is slightly larger than the usual tie clip. This clip is made up of plastic and is in square shape. The lens is in the front while the metal clip is on the backside of the device. The device is available in three colors namely, orange, black and white. The device is equipped with an accelerometer which senses well before the photo gets clicked. So even if the clip is not properly attached, yet accelerometer will get it clicked appropriately. The narrative clip is generally on. It does not have buttons. It works on a double tap function. The shot can be taken by a simple double tap in the front. The clip has four different LEDs on one side. One of them indicates battery status. Double tap will also help in knowing the battery left. In order to switch off this device, the user needs to either bring the lens side down or else the user can even stick this clip in pocket as well. Technical Specifications: The Narrative clip needs to be carried daily. It helps in clicking intentional events as well as the non intentional ones. The clip is supposed to be on all the time. It captures two shots in one minute. Narrative clip records 2800 images on daily basis. It supports 8GB memory which has a capacity of clicking and saving 4000 images totally. The batteries in this device support 30 hours click time. The quality of the pictures is way similar to the ones in iPhone 4. Narrative clip captures the pictures in a resolution of 2592×1944 i.e. 5 Mega pixels. Narrative Clip supports USB port. The pictures can be easily transferred from the device to the desktop or laptop. The device supports Windows and Mac operating System X. Along with this the pictures will only be transferred if the user has an account on narrative. Narrative clip comes out to be a decent offering by Memoto. The device is best for users looking for capturing moments regularly. But this device might turn out to be a nightmare for the user if the other person finds it awkward. Hence, it is very important to use it with ease.

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