Shove Off Your Stress with After-Work Apps

Shove Off Your Stress with After-Work Apps


Jan 27, 2015
Shove Off Your Stress with After-Work Apps With everyday’s fast paced life, it gets difficult to find a little time to spare for self and pursue one’s hobbies and likings. Because of the busy schedule, you prone to be stressed that calls for varied health hazards. Although this fact is irrevocable, there is something that can act as a stress buster and help you enjoy for a while.With smart phones always on go, here are few after-work  apps that will help you make stressfree.

Plenty of Fish

Tired of sitting in an after-work hangout place just to scope out a potential soul mate? There is no more need to do that. Your smart phone is well off to take care of this problem with a dating site called Plenty of Fish’s app for mobile. Zappos Most of the times, on those actually manic days, the one thing, which could really help you smile is a smart deal on few killer fresh stock shoes. The mainstay for lot of online shoppers searching for a nice deal, Zappos has integrated its core platform of ecommerce in an extremely handy app for the customers on the go. Minecraft – Pocket Edition The addiction of this game is so huge, that you may not at all want to put it down while you are at work the other day. This average MMO with zero rules is completely ported on to your smart phone inclusive of all of the whistles and bells to keep you boredom away for hours together. Mixology There are some nights when getting out does not seem to be the best thing to do post work, and rest wherein you want to spend some time indoors with family and friends. In this case, if you are finding an after-work shindig, then Mixologist is a right resource to bring in tasty cocktails. Poynt If painting the town red is your next agenda, then it is necessary to look for an appropriate place. There are lots of apps to help you find the most interesting halts. Poynt goes a step ahead than those traditional guides created by integrating valuable knowledge within the simplified app. Flixster There are some days when you are not in a mood to plan something big, but just want to curl in your blanket and watch some nice movies. Flixster is a smart choice to stream several movies available in the list and feed your tendencies of being a cinephilia. Snapseed If you are a budding photographer and love to take pictures of your weekend or after-work times, Snapseed is the best app. It is a photo editing application, which allows you to add filters, crop, color-correction, and enhance your snap in all the possible ways you could think of. You can simply save the pictures to your gallery or upload on social networking sites with few taps. So, next time you feel stressed, do not get in depression, but hop on your smart phone and get going with some of these apps.    

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