Samsung Unveils Worlds First Curved 105 inch Ultra HD TV

Samsung Unveils Worlds First Curved 105 inch Ultra HD TV


Jan 30, 2014

Samsung Unviels Worlds First Curved 105 inch Ultra HD TV

This is the age of smart appliances, then why should television, which can be called out as center of all houses remain behind. The television is getting much smarter and bigger. By bigger it means Samsung’s world’s first 105 inch curved TV which is ultra-high definition. The Samsung 105 inch curved television was inaugurated in the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. It is a huge television with the cinematic view of 21 x 9 4K ultra high definition experiences. Samsung 105 inch television gives a curved screen with flat screen picture. The flat and curved screen gives panoramic experience, and you see view bigger than its original size. The picture is very good with perfect contrast effect, and you will not feel that you are viewing a extra-large size pictures. The view is big yet appropriate. The curvature is very smartly created in order to give a good view from the distance of to 4 meters. It does not give over exposure of the picture. The colors are good and give good angular view. The picture clarity is taken care of in great detail. They have created it on the basis of Auto penetration enhancer. The image color and clarity gets automatically adjusted depending on the light and gives great three dimensional effect without any glasses. The color contrast is taken care of by Pure Color Skill. It gives the effect of movie with great work on shading. Consumers who are very fond of television watching, it is a boon for them. It has great picture quality, great view, and cinematic effect. The television has a great and big view. The Samsung has created a smart Ultra HD TV with many multitasking features. The viewers can use features like splitting the screen and get the better outlook in their preferred form. The TV gives you the entertainment view as well as you can browse, watch You Tube, and multitasks your television. To your amazement you can divide the screen in four different screens and enjoy all at same time. it is a smart age and smart TV! It is an unique and innate design where you can enjoy many different kinds of program, whether it be entertaining, educational, or news all at the same time. It is a new generational cinematic experience. The high definition television works on quad core process as an operating system. The quad core processor is fast and loads quicker and gives results in split of seconds. It increases the entertainment value. Therefore, when you power on the television, it is instantaneous and effective. It is every Television fans dream, a cinematic experience, fast service, multitasking, etc. It is a full package of entertainment. You can view on the CES website, where the Samsung 105 inch ultra-high definition goes amazingly curved screen and then minutes later into flat one. It was an amazing experience and great picture quality. This bendable experience you will be able to see in the markets in this year, that is, 2014.

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