World’s Thinnest Smart Phone by Gionee

World’s Thinnest Smart Phone by Gionee


Mar 6, 2014
World’s Thinnest Smart Phone by Gionee Gionee has broken all records of slimmest and thinnest smart phones by announcing its Elife S5.5 last week. Elife S5.5 has a thickness of 5.5 mm which makes it to be the thinnest smartphone worldwide. Gionee beat Vivo X3 phone which was the slimmest phone at 5.75mm. Within a span of mere 5 years, Gionee has made its presence by launching efficient smartphones like Elife E3, E5, E6, E 7 and now Elife S5.5. Let us understand and take a detailed understanding about this thinnest smart phone. Gionee Elife S5.5: The Gionee Elife 5.5 is the slimmest smart phone globally. The smart phone has yet not released and is expected to come out in market within the first quarter of year 2014. Before purchasing this smartphone, the readers must go through the following elements that define Elife S5.5 at its best. Aesthetics: The Chinese manufacturer has focused upon the look and appeal of Elife S5.5. As it comes out to be the slimmest phone, the phone portrays an elegant look to the viewer. The dimension of this phone is 145.1×70.2×5.6 mm. The LCD display of Elife S5.5 has a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The pixel size is 1080 x 1920. The size of the screen is 5.0 inches. Operating System: Gionee claims to possess a higher and supreme touch screen Operating system for its smartphones. The Gionee phones have Amigo OS. Elife S5.5 has Amigo OS 2.0 version operating system. Along with this the OS version of smart phone is Android OS 4.2.0 Jelly Bean. The CPU is 1.7 GHz Octa – Core processor. Storage: The negative point about storage is that the smart phone is not equipped with a card slot. But it has an in-built memory of 16GB and 2GB RAM. Multimedia: Elife S5.5 is equipped with an FM Radio. Apart from this there is a multimedia player as well that helps in playing music, videos, etc… The 3.5 mm jack assists the user in plugging head phones and having the best time with this smartphone. Connectivity: Elife S5.5 supports GPRS and Edge Network. It can easily get connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The micro USB port in the smart phone helps in sharing and saving videos, pictures, etc… It gives an on the go experience to the user. The user can access email and messaging services in Elife S5.5. SMS, MMS, Push Mail, Instant messaging, RSS, etc… facilities are available in this smart phone. Camera: The 13MP rear camera of smart phones gives a pleasant experience to the user for capturing special moments in life. The phone has an LED flash and auto focus feature.  The front camera is of 5MP. Along with this, the phone supports geo tagging, smile and face detection and touch focus. The 4160 x 3120 pixels gives great clarity to the pictures and videos. Navigation: Elife S5.5 is equipped with GPS. Hence, it helps the user in getting connected with Google Maps and locates destinations. A GPS enabled phone is indeed a friend in travelling. Other: Elife S5.5 is available in white, black, pink, blue and purple color. Hence, users can select their desired one. The phone has a non removable Li-Ion 2300 mAH Battery.

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