Stronium Nitro Plus review

Stronium Nitro Plus review


Aug 20, 2014
Nitro Plus review Since every minute to high end work is done with the help of computing devices, it becomes essential to store them with great safety and assurance. Managing files, folders and other soft copies of important documents is indeed a chore but the user needs to find out storage methods that can ensure their effective saving. While working on a particular document, people prefer to save it in cloud storage document like Dropbox, etc… in order to access it on smartphones as well. This is possible only with files with small capacities. But in case of large files, it becomes really impractical to store. Hence in such a situation the computer system requires a multi – tasking storage device in the form of micro – SD card. Nitro Plus microSD card comprises of multiple personalities. It is an accurate microSD card for storing large files. It offers a complete storage solution for storing files. Strontium Nitro Plus microSD card, a part of Nitro range is available with two adapters namely SD card adaptor and pen drive adapter. In case the microSD card works well than it can seamlessly allow the transfer of files between other devices. Technical Specification of Nitro Plus Stronium Nitro Plus MicroSD comes in three storage capacities namely 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. This one is Nitro Plus UHS – 1 wherein UHS refers to Ultra High Speed. All the three different capacities have the same technical specifications. These three storage capacities support the same SD card adapter and pen drive. Strontium Nitro Plus microSD card claims the storage device to be resistant to water, magnet, X-ray and temperature. The team has tested all the capacities well. In case of Nitro Plus 64GB UHS – 1 card should be ensured with the compatibility status of smartphone and tablet. Generally it has been seen that almost all the high end tablets and smartphones are able to handle SDXC cards with great ease. But in case of low end smart devices, it might become a challenge. As far as speed is concerned, the 64GB Nitro Plus UHS – 1 microSD card records a speed upto 60 MB for writing and 80 MB for reading. Despite of other fastest cards available in market, the speed of Nitro Plus is indeed an impressive one. From SD card point of view, Nitro Plus microSD card gives out a great performance. Despite of lower capacity reading and writing of 4K, the storage device is quite efficient from general perspective. From microSD point of view, the card had indeed faired up really well. Stronium Nitro Plus microSD can indeed manage the files better but it greatly depends upon the type of device that is being used for it. In case of word and PDF files, one can utilize cloud storage devices for easy sharing. Nitro Plus microSD is a great support for video and pictures. Nitro Plus microSD can efficiently transfer multimedia files between computer and camera. Despite of gigabytes of space, Nitro Plus microSD performs functionally sound, reliable and in fastest manner possible.  

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