Maruti Suzuki is going to launch its automatic fuel efficient car Celerio

Maruti Suzuki is going to launch its automatic fuel efficient car Celerio


Jan 30, 2014
Maruti is going to launch its fuel efficient car Celerio Coming month will see the launch of much talked about car from the aegis of Maruti Suzuki India, Celerio. Some of the variants of this car will be priced within Rs 4 lakh range. Two hatchbacks by the company, namely Estilo and A-star’s production have been ceased by the company. These cars will be replaced by Celerio which will be introduced in the Auto Expo being held next month at New Delhi. The car is expected to offer a lot more beyond the expectations of the Indian consumers. Available in two transmissions, both automatic and manual, this car will be one litre petrol car. Car enthusiasts are watching out for Celerio’s automatic variant since this car is expected to deliver 20 kmpl mileage. The mileage delivered by this car is becoming a much talked about feature. It is significant to note here that the fuel efficiency seen in automatic transmission variants is almost 25-30 percent less in comparison to manual transmission. This soon to be launched car is expected to deliver better efficiency than other automatic transmission cars. According to company’s sources, three years were taken in developing technology related to increasing fuel efficiency in automatic variant. People usually think that automatic drive will come with comforts that will be available at higher costs. Also, wear and tear in such cars will be on the higher side. As a result of such thinking, Indian automobile market has not been too promising for automatic cars. These disadvantages are tried to be removed in the new Celerio, and as such the company can look forward to selling at least 50 k- 60 k units in the very first year right after its launch. Right after launch, this car will only be available in its petrol version. Gearbox manufacturing will be cheaper as clutching mechanism will be automated but at the same time gear shifting will be done by the driver. This modification will result in more takers for this car. If the driver is free from clutch engaging and disengaging, the stressful driving on the Indian roads with stop-start traffic will become far easier. Some variants of this car will be available at less than Rs 4 lakh price. In Celerio, its automatic transmission variant will be less than Rs 1 lakh than manual variant while in other players available in the market, the difference is at a time more than Rs 1 lakh. The strategy taken by the company regarding Celerio is quite risky as right now the passenger car market in India is going through its recession phase. Using the latest technology, the company wishes to tide over this phase. The risk about its acceptance in the Indian market is still there. Car enthusiasts from all over the country are waiting for the launch of this car.

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