HP to re-enter Indian smartphone market with its budget Android phone

HP to re-enter Indian smartphone market with its budget Android phone


Jan 28, 2014
HP to re-enter Indian smartphone The race of offering cost effective Android smartphone is now being joined by Hewlett-Packard, a name in the world of technology. The company is one of the most renowned PC manufacturers and now it has decided to venture into the field of smartphones by launching a low cost unit that is going to focus on emerging markets. These markets are BRICS or Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The report regarding this news suggests that this smartphone that is yet to be launched will come at an approximate price of $200 or Rs 12,300. The report further states that the launch of this smartphone is expected in this week, but there may be a chance of a delay. The launch of this much talked about smartphone is looming large on the horizon, and India is going to be one of the launch markets being used initially. The team that is working on the designing and development of Hewlett Packard smartphone is headed by Senior Vice President of HP, Alberto Torres. The work on this product is going for more than 1 year. This smartphone is expected to encompass features like a display of 5.5 inch, but at the same time speculations are rife that 720p can be equipped for countering competition from other players in the market like Samsung. There were some reports regarding launching of 2 phablets by this popular PC maker. Phablets, also referred to as hybrids of smartphones and tablets were supposed to be launched in variants- 6 inches and 7 inches. Emerging markets are being focused by the company for these phablets that are yet to be launched. According to these reports, the price of 6 inch phablet and 7 inch phablet will be in $200-$250 off contract. As of now, concrete news about Hewlett Packard launching Android based smartphones have not been corroborated by the company. Recently, at Bluetooth certification listing, Slate 6 Voice Tab by HP was spotted which has not been announced so far. It is expected to come with voice-calling support and SIM support. As clear by its name, this gadget is expected with a 6 inch display. Slate 6 Tab by HP With the entry into the smartphone market, the company is hoping to make a place in the smartphone segment offering differentiated experience to the customers. Phablets will be launched as part of its re-entering smartphone market strategy. Few WebOS and Android powered tablets were released by the company before, but since the year 2009, it has not launched any mobile phone. These phablets will come with an internal storage capacity of 16 GB. Next month, both products are expected to be available in the market. According to the company sources, the products are designed keeping in mind requirements of Indian consumers.

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