Major Inventions in Consumer Electronics Show 2014

Major Inventions in Consumer Electronics Show 2014


Jan 30, 2014
Hot gadgets at CES 2014 Consumer Electronics Show also known as International CES is held every year in the month of January. It is an esteemed electronics trade show, in which many professionals take part on international level. This event is organized in Las Vegas city. The event is only for the professional tradesmen and not for public. International Consumer Electronics Show was held on January 8, 2014. The show was very successful and it consisted of all kinds of technology and electronic items. There were electronic and remote control operated eye-wear, smart car, door lock, and drones. Today market is more inclined towards tablets; therefore, this years’ CES event has showcased various tablets. Therefore, different brands showing tablets with long-life batteries and mobiles. There was a presentation of outboard units which are useful to recharge the mobiles and tablets when there are no plugs present. Now smartphones have become very common, therefore, in this event there were many electronic appliances which were dependent on the smartphones. There was an introduction of phablets. There was a display of robotics technology which was controlled with the help of our hands.The other major launch in this event was high definition ultra-curved screen Television.LG 105 inch TV was the main attraction. Those who are passionate about videos, the most expensive product for them were Kaleidescape which was worth $4000. It is a multitasking smart product. You can mark the move clips and watch them directly without forwarding or reversing. The electronic appliance gives a unique experience of movie watching with 2D and 3D effects. In the gaming department the good news is that now you will be able to play without any mouse or keypads. The appliance is made voice and motion sensitive. There was Sony gaming goggles which give real life experience. The most revolutionary product was the Cell control device, which could be fitted in the car. It is a hardware expedient which makes the mobile of a driver inoperable while driving. It is the best product to avoid any unfortunate accidents. You can control for how much time you keep the phone inoperable and which numbers should be allowed to connect while driving. This is the best device for parents who are concerned about their kid’s safety while driving. This time many sturdy and damage proof saver appliances have been produced. Like repellent that will protect the mobile under water at a distance of 1 meter for 3 hours’ time. The Screen Gaurdz were developed that are sturdy to protect the mobile screen from nail scratching, cutters, hammers etc. such screen guards are available at $39.95. There was a display of home appliances which were known as smart kitchen appliances from Samsung and LG. the appliances like vacuum cleaners, stoves, etc., worked on voice command and you can even text from these appliances. There was amazing presentation of internet empowered door knobs. There were smart clothes and baby clothes. The event was full of many amazing and upgraded technologies. This is a huge event which is held every year with many promises for future. International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 also had many useful appliances which will come in market shortly.

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