Lenovo Z Vibe review

Lenovo Z Vibe review


Mar 10, 2014
Lenovo-Vibe-X review The Vibe Z, new flagship from Lenovo will be challenging premium devices offered by other prominent companies. The competition is expected to be neck to neck. In this amazing gadget, user will get a 800 processor quad core Qualcomm along with 16 GB storage which is non expandable, 2 GB RAM and 3000mAh battery. This phone comes with a stunning 5.5 in full HD IPS display. For protection, it uses Gorilla Glass 3. All these features are available in a slim body with just 7.9mm thickness. Customized user interface makes using this phone a visual treat. No app drawer is seen in this phone. Instead of an app drawer, all widgets, icons and folders are available on the home screen. Latest features added in Lenovo Z Vibe In this latest presentation from Lenovo, several new features have been added. It now comes with smart answer, pocket mode for the purpose of calls, smart dialer, smart answer, wake via volume keys, multi-window and options for accessibility that helps in operating this phone using a single hand. Many apps have been preloaded which includes Secureit which is Lenovo’s own security tools containing privacy guard, antivirus, anti theft and anti spam. It also comes equipped with Synclt which helps in creating a backup and restoration of contacts and messages. The phone also has an app, namely Shareit which allows users to share data between phones and for this purpose WiFi direct is used. Power manager that is built-in in the phone helps in optimizing battery life. Users can get battery life of almost one and a half days. Major highlights of Lenovo Z Vibe There are several features in this phone. Some of them are f1.8 aperture that comes associated with 13 MP camera. Excellent pics can be clicked using this phone in the day time. The camera offers sharp details, superb depth in field and rich colors besides several other advantages. Visible noise is associated with images captured in low light and user interface for camera is slightly buggy. Many times, the focus of the camera may go haywire. Saving an image in the phone may also become slightly troublesome. A simple update by Lenovo can help a lot in tackling these issues. Lenovo has added another feather to its cap with the launch of Z Vibe. This addition of gadget has helped in extending the portfolio impressively. Expected price of this phone is $473. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean powers this smartphone that comes along with 13 MP camera with auto focus feature. 3G, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Micro SIM etc are some of its features that make the phone truly remarkable. It will be available in Titanium and Silver colors. The weight of the phone is just 145 g. 648 hours is the standby time. 1980 minutes is the talk time available. It has features like flash, zoom and secondary camera. It has facilities like GPRS, 3G, EDGE and Internet browsing which makes the smartphone truly a treasure to own.

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