Lenovo honing strategy for Smartphones with the launch of LTE Vibe Z

Lenovo honing strategy for Smartphones with the launch of LTE Vibe Z


Jan 22, 2014
Lenovo launches smartphone LTE Vibe Z Vibe Z was launched by Lenovo last week. This is the first LTE smartphone by Lenovo that is sure to pave way for an exhaustive range of latest devices. Lenovo LTE Smartphone Vibe Z model is difficult to be seen in the developed markets. This company has gained the position of number three device maker that is smart connected. This company has also navigated around the post PC times better in comparison to its competitors. Lenovo used China s its home market and became a smartphone player, adding tablets besides other devices and selling almost 4 devices every second. The cost of the latest model from Lenovo, Vibe Z will start $549. This model will be available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Philippines and United Arab Emirates. S930 was launched by Lenovo that could go along with Vibe Z. S930 is a popular smartphone that comes with 6 inch smartphone. On the other hand, S650 was also launched that came with 4.7 inch screen.

Another product from Lenovo, A859 described it as smartphone with 5-inch screen.

Lenovo smartphones have been launched in eighteen countries in the past couple of years and in these regions, S650, S930 and A859 will be launched. No concrete plans were expressed by this company so far regarding taking these phones to the US. In order to compete with LG and Samsung, carrier relationships will be established by the company so as to emerge winner in Android wars. Primary relationships of Lenovo in this channel move around retailers and enterprise besides PCs, but at the same time the company can also venture further in the developed markets with its smartphones.

As of now, the plan of Lenovo states the following

  • Solidification of China’s leadership in tablets and smartphones.
  • Expansion of emerging markets using latest smartphones while at the same time working on further scaling through infrastructural development.
  • Emerging as tablet leader in several regions besides China.
  • Smartphones launching from Lenovo in this regard is a part of a broader picture along with product cadence revolving around markets that are slowly emerging.

Among parts of the moving product are included:

The Vibe Z powered by Android operates on UMTS/GSM, having Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac. It also comes with titanium body with 7.9mm thickness. It also has a complete high-definition screen that goes with a rear camera with 13 megapixels. Qualcomm’s 800 quad-core 2.2GHz chip powers this smartphone. It comes with non-removable battery. Another smartphone from Lenovo, S930 comes with fabric-ish at the rear cover and a silver body just like Vibe Z and having 1280×720 touch screen. A 4.7-inch 960×540 display is available in S650 smartphone. Both smartphones come with MediaTek quad-core processors. At the price of $319, this S930 is available and the price of S650 starts at $229.

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