Introducing Microsoft Surface Power Cover

Introducing Microsoft Surface Power Cover


Apr 3, 2014
Surface Power CoverLast September had announced the launch of power cover for accelerating flip access for tablet and laptops. The Microsoft Power Cover was eagerly being waited for in the end of the year 2013. But this did not happen. Instead Microsoft decided to unveil the updated version of Surface Slates. Surface Slate 2 and Surface Pro 2 had hugely hit the market and were being sold successfully throughout. Ever since, Microsoft had not mentioned anything with respect to Surface Power Cover. According to the sources in the company, it has been known that the company has started taking pre-booking orders for their Surface Power Cover. Microsoft will start shipping these power covers from March 19, 2014. What is a Power Cover? A Power cover is a typing cover which contains an in-built battery. The in-built battery helps the user in consistently typing with the help of this cover without any hassles.

Technical Specifications:

1. Dimensions: The measure of Surface Power Cover is 10.9 x 7.5 x 0.37 inches which makes it to 278 x 190 x 9.5 mm. It weighs 535 grams (18.8 oz) which is easy to carry and handle. 2. Compatibility: The device supports platforms namely Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. 3. Available colors: Microsoft’s Surface Power cover is available in black colors. 4. Keys: the power cover is activated with the help of moving keys. The typing style is QWERTY and the functions from F1 – F12 span in one full row. There are certain buttons that ensure shortcuts. 5. Warranty: The user receives a one year hardware warranty which can be used anytime throughout the year.   Key Features of Microsoft Surface Power Cover: Microsoft surface power cover The Microsoft Surface Power Cover posses certain features that are beneficial for the users. The following are the key features: 1. Enhance battery life along with working: we have never ever heard that plugging battery while working is very beneficial. While working, the power cover recharges the Surface’s battery and extends the life of the battery by 70%. 2. Introduction of media control, track pad, function keys and windows short cut: Microsoft power Cover is equipped with every feature that is available in a QWERTY phone. The whole row of F1 to F12 options covers all the short cuts and other options. The other feature helps the person to navigate the system. The fingertip can control the cursor really well. 3. Double up and become screen cover:  The back side of Power cover can be folded with great ease. While the phone is turned back, the user can flip the cover back. The buttons are also non – operative. While the power cover is folded, the user can follow as well.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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