A great app for attempting Eye Exam “Go Eye”

A great app for attempting Eye Exam “Go Eye”


Apr 10, 2014
goeye-800 Apple’s iPhone has been equipped with a great tool namely “Go Eye” which assists the user in carrying out the eye examination. It helps in studying the condition inside the eyes. Go Eye is a tool which has been developed by two scholarly researchers cum ophthalmologists namely Dr. David Myung and Dr. Robert Chang. Myung and Chang have together worked in developing this system called “Go Eye” which assists the user in detecting the condition of the eye with a minimal training. However, eye inspection requires advanced devices and expensive contraptions which can only be found at an ophthalmologist’s clinic. But, in underdeveloped and rural places it becomes difficult to equip and carry such advanced devices. Hence in such a scenario, the user can easily operate Go Eye and check the condition of eyes. Dr David said, “Adapting smartphones for the eye has the potential to enhance the delivery of eye care — in particular, to provide it in places where it’s less accessible.” He also added, “Whether it’s in the emergency department, where patients often have to wait a long time for a specialist, or during a primary-care physician visit, we hope that we can improve the quality of care for our patients, especially in the developing world where ophthalmologists are few and far between.” The equipments and devices that are used for inspecting eyes are very costly. It becomes difficult to afford and own them. Along with this, the user also needs to undergo through a detailed training for operating such high end devices. It becomes difficult for physicians to install such machines in rural areas. But this is not the case with Go Eye. Go Eye comprises of two adapters. These adapters are then attached with the iPhone which captures high quality and superior images of the eyes covering the front as well as the back portion of eye. The device has been decides to be sold for pretty less amount of dollars for a wider reach for people. Go Eye only requires a Smartphone and a person who has the skill to analyze the images. But, fortunately thanking to the Bluetooth and other sharing options in smartphone, a common man can easily click the images and share or send to his or her ophthalmologist. This wonderful feature will be a boon for people sitting in rural areas. They can share the eye images with the doctors and get the analysis out of it. This would help them in taking the further actions. Go Eye is still not launched in the market. It is undergoing through various trials and research by different medical bodies and associations. Dr. David Myung has developed the first prototype of Go Eye after compiling various non expensive commercial equipments, Lego bricks and macro lenses. The prototype is being tested and under trial at Stanford Emergency Department. After clearing the first trial, Go Eye prototype will be used for another study for tracking the eyes of diabetic patients. Diabetes impacts the eyes adversely. The eyes of diabetic patients get affected by several eye diseases. The prototype will be used to study the further progress of the diseases in eyes.  

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