Finding your car in parking lot is easy with iOS 8

Finding your car in parking lot is easy with iOS 8


Jun 25, 2014
Forgot where you parked the car It's cool, iOS 8 will have you covered Do you face a situation wherein you forget the location of your car in parking lot? Do you feel irritated on failing to find your car in parking arena? Then the wait for a solution is over now. This issue of locating your car is a common problem worldwide. People often tend to forget the exact location of their car after they come back in parking lot. Despite of taking the noting of some common points, yet they are not able to find their car. Also due to the presence of numerous cars in parking lot, it actually becomes an issue in locating one’s car. Hence, good news is here in town for people willing to get a readymade solution for this. Finding your car in parking lot is easy with Apple iOS 8 Apple succeeds the field of innovation by coming up with different and unique features and solutions for its users and masses as well. The recent and latest operating system by Apple for its smartphone namely iOS 8 has been equipped to a superior level than its predecessor. With excellent features, iOS 8 has crossed expectations of its users. Currently Apple has released a beta format of iOS 8 and has handed it over to its developers. The beta version has been developed to explore certain hidden features that can simply do wonders in the time to come. One of the latest explorations from Apple iOS 8 beta showcases the way of searching or locating one’ s parked car. This internal feature would take away the worry of searching one’s car like a nomad. This feature is expected to function in both iPhone and iPad. The software would display icons comprising of purple parking pins. Apple mentions that as soon as the driver parks the car finally, this purple parking pin would immediately drop up. The idea behind this is that once the pin is dropped it automatically creates a route in Google Map Apps. On locating the car back, the user can easily open the Map apps. The Maps apps would immediately create a route for directing the person to his or her car. But now the question comes in: How can iPhone and iPad know about the parking of car? Apple is still testing this feature of detecting the parked car. The report by 9 to 5 Mac reveals that Apple is under the process of testing this feature with the help of motion sensing M7 chip. The motion sensing M7 chip is present in its iPhone 5S. This chip would aid in locating when the car gets parked. The motion sensing chip M& is capable of extracting data from different iPhone sensors namely accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses. Hence the latest one iPhone 5S would succeed in detecting the location of parked car. Also, iPhone 5S would be able to make a difference among actual parking versus stopping a stop light. It is also being said that there might be a possibility for motion sensing chip M7 to sense the sensations or vibrations upon slamming the car door for closing. This would be a sure sign of parking a car. This feature is still on the testing mode of its Beta OS phone. Currently the inclusion of this feature cannot be confirmed.  

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