D-Air Safety Wireless Airbag Jackets by Ducati

D-Air Safety Wireless Airbag Jackets by Ducati


Apr 10, 2014
Wireless Airbag Jackets by Ducati Ducati has grabbed the first mover advantage by launching the World’s first Wireless Airbag Jackets for the safety of the riders and passengers on their bikes. The wireless airbag jacket, named as Multistrada D – Air has come with a great news for the Ducati owners. Multistrada D-Air Safety Wireless Airbag Jackets by Ducati, which automatically inflates wirelessly in times of crash. It protects the rider as well as the passenger. This version of wireless airbag jacket is a step ahead of Motorcycle Airbag Honda which was showcased in the Goldwing Series of Ducati. Multistrada D – Air can prevent the rider and the passenger even if they get separated from each other from the bike as well. Ducati has partnered with Dainese which is the clothing company for motorcycles. Dainese is experimenting consistently since 2008 for developing the suit mounted airbags. The D – Air system of Ducati is available in Street and Race versions. In time of crash, the Race version of this wireless airbag jacket comes out and protects the collarbones, shoulders and neck of the rider and passenger. However, the Street version is quite large as the bag comes out and protects the back, front and entire area of torso of the rider and passenger. The system is completely automatic. In times of a crash or just a slide, the system get auto updated. The control box in the mounted area of the bike indicates and alerts the time when to pull out the airbag jacket. This eradicates the hassle of manually pressing the button for releasing and activating the airbag jacket. The sensors in the jacket are in connecting with the complete passenger safety system which will help the passenger and the rider for making a safe landing. As per the sources, it has been known that Ducati in association with Dainese will develop and come up with the D – Air system preferable the Street version in Ducati Multistrada 1200 exclusively for European riders. It has also been known that the airbag jacket will pop out and inflate within 45 milliseconds as soon as the bike hits or crashes. It will ensure complete body protection in such a situation. It will provide complete safety to the rider as well as to the pillion. Riders who go out on cross country and long distance tours would prefer this system. Dukati will be announcing further and in-depth information about its Multistrada D – Air airbag jackets post April 15 in an exclusive video. This is World’s first safety offering which has been initiated by Ducati. It is a great innovation which will ensure safety for two wheelers. Ducati is planning to launch Multistrada D – Air from May 2014. They will launch this safety equipment in European Ducati Dealerships post May.

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