Catching Up At WWDC

Catching Up At WWDC


Nov 19, 2014
Catching Up At WWDC About Apple’s WWDC: Apple, the ever evolving, innovative and highly technically sound organization is the heartthrob of almost every tech-lover worldwide. Known for their out of the box innovations, the technical experts at Apple always have something new to offer to their target audience. Apple’s WWDC is the most awaited event by tech-savvies. What is Apple’s WWDC?  Apple WWDC refers to Apple Worldwide Developers Conference which is also termed as dub-dub. It is specifically a conference that takes place in California, USA by Apple Inc annually. The objective behind conducting this conference is to reveal and showcase Apple’s new technologies and software for software developers. The attendants at WWDC can well participate in understanding these technologies in detail and get indulged into in-depth sessions individually for every topic. Since 2007, Apple has witnessed an enormous growth in the number of attendants in this conference.  Steve Jobs has driven and mentored Apple in a way that has in-turn benefited the organization greatly. Developments with WWDC: With the passing of time, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has witnessed its contribution towards a series of crucial announcements of Apple’s technologies, products and solutions. Whether it is Apple’s development of OS X to first Intel based Mac products to its other iPhone evolutions, Apple’s WWDC has showcased it all. Recently, the first look of Apple’s WWDC 2014 that was held in San Francisco, USA did not seem to make any impact as the ones happened in previous conferences. But the revelations made by Apple indicate the developers for a mega change coming down the line for Apple. From all the announcements made at WWDC, the two biggest announcements that had alarmed the attendants were the latest version of Macintosh OS, Mac OS X Yosemite and the upcoming version for iPads and iPhones namely, iOS8. Apple’s CEP Tim Cook has highlighted each and every new feature of its OS in the most descriptive manner. The response was overwhelming with enormous cheering and infinite applause. However, as right believed that the applause is never completed without critics. Hence on comparing with other present technological features of competitive products, it has been brought to the notice of Apple, that certain amount of “new features” representing Apple are well present in other products as well. To support this thought, the example of Google is explained with Android, Gmail and Drive. Some of the “new to Apple” features were working on emails, send and receive documents from one device to another and vice versa, dropping large files via iCloud, hands free activation of Siri and supporting third party enabled keyboards. Irrespective of the presence of such features in other competitive brands, Apple is all set to launch these features in its all new Yosemite and iOS 8 products. With effective connectivity between iPhone and Apple Mac, features like dialing, receiving and making calls from desktop, etc… is indeed possible. The interfaces of Yosemite OS X and iOS8 behave more or less like iOS but in more improvised manner. Moreover, the appeal of both the OS is set with an objective to drive target audience towards Safari. Also emphasis has been laid to drive Firefox and Chrome users to switch over Mac.

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