British Military Seeks A Hack-Proof Quantum Physics Based GPS

British Military Seeks A Hack-Proof Quantum Physics Based GPS


Aug 8, 2014
Hack-Proof Quantum Physics Based GPS

Tracking anything with GPS:

GPS, better known as Global positioning system is a satellite navigation system that tracks every live activity happening on Earth from space itself. Right from detecting weather conditions to location of any destination, GPS does it all. Eversince the emergence of GPS, it has been consistently evolved greatly with time. GPS aids in several streams namely civil, military and commercial uses throughout the world. The sole authority of GPS lies with government of United States but can be freely accessed by anyone with the help of GPS receiver. The technology of GPS can be easily found in smartphones, tablets, phablet, etc… that can be freely accessed at any point of time. GPS is greatly used in military sector. Since it is essential to keep an eye over enemy country or terrorist elements, it becomes essential to equip the site with GPS tracking devices. Right from the time GPS has evolved, it has been equipped with different technological advancements. These technological advancements have indeed helped in reaping out the undiscovered elements present on earth.

Recent Progress with GPS: A hack-proof Quantum Physics based GPS

GPS has again made itself in headlines and this time it is because of British military. British military have recently discovered and found a GPS device which is based on Quantum Physics. The device is hack proof as well. The great thing about our smartphones is that it is always aware of our real destination. Before the GPS satellites actually indicate its real location, it tends to communicate it back before it. But as per the recent discovery by British military, GPS would no more require to connect with satellites in space. Instead, GPS would be able to track the location of the person by simply utilizing the effects of gravity upon atoms present on Mother Earth. The biggest USP of this GPS invention is that it would even detect the location of any person or thing indoors, underground and even underwater as well.  As per the reports of Financial Times, it has been learned that UK’s ministry of defense is all set to invest their millions of pounds for quantum location technology. The quantum compass, being 1000 times more efficient and accurate in comparison to present systems would not be easy to hack. Scientist, who are working on this project have informed Financial Times about the expectancy of the prototype in a time span of three to five years of time. New Scientist reports have even revealed that the success of first prototype will land it into military stream. Finally, the quantum location technology would succeed in entering the civilian world. Commercial and military engineers have invested years in working upon this technology for developing location pinpointing technology. This technology would be an independent one which would not require satellites. There are certain gaps in the abilities of GPS which are all set to get closed. The first major gap is that GPS signals are prone to spoofing and scrambling. Quantum location technology is totally dependent upon cooling and trapping of cloud of atoms.  

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