Best Tripods So Far

Best Tripods So Far


Mar 26, 2014
An Overview: Tripods Tripods play a vital role in photography. There are various situations during photography where the photographer is required to keep the camera in a still position. Such situations are macro work, low light, landscapes, long exposures and product photography. Here the photographer cannot afford to even shake the camera slightly.  In such a situation, Tripod plays a vital role for conducting still photography. A tripod is basically a three legged stand cum frame or platform which is used to support heavy weight objects above it. It is quite portable and handy. Gone are the days when tripods used to be very bulky and heavy in weight. The modern times Tripods are very light in weight and foldable. It eases the load of carrying it without any difficulty. When choosing a tripod, it is very important to check its specifications and fulfillment before making a purchase. The market has a wide range of tripods to choose from. Some of the best Tripods: The following are some of the best Tripods that are competing well in the current market: 1. Trans functional Travel Angel A0691TB00 by Benro: Transfunctional Travel Angel A0691TB00 by Benro This versatile tripod by Benro has become a perfect choice of the professional photographers. With great specifications and features, it has made it to photographer’s choice list. Weighing at 2.9 Lbs (1.3 Kgs) and getting folded back to 16.1 inch, this tripod suits best for travelling long distances. The novel designing allows the legs to fold back in 360 degrees angle. The maximum height of this tripod is 51.2 inches. It is easy to handle and understand. 2. Induro Alloy AT 213 Tripod: Induro Alloy AT 213 Tripod The Aluminium alloy body of this tripod assures stability and sturdiness in carrying up to a maximum weighed pro DSLR body camera along with a telephoto lens attached to it. The three different sections of tripod legs are dust and moisture resistant. The easy twist option makes it quite handy and easy in carrying it. The tripod weighs 4.4 Lbs (2 Kg) and can be stretched up to a maximum height of 56.7 inches. It can be easily folded down to a height of 23.4 inches. Pricing quite low and power packed with great features is ideal for consideration. 3. Manfrotto 294 Aluminium Kit MK294A3 – A0RC2: Manfrotto 294 Aluminium Kit MK294A3 – A0RC2 A “budget option” with all rounder features makes this tripod an ideal one. In continuation to the 190 series, Manfrotto launched this tripod under 290 series with advanced and high end features cum technical specifications. This tripod is a value for money option. It weighs at 4.2 Lbs (1.9 Kg) and expands at a great height of 58.06 inches. This tripod is the larger one amongst 290 series. The tripod legs can be twisted and adjusted for low level shooting as well. 4. Vanguard Auctus Plus 283AT: Vanguard Auctus Plus 283AT A rock solid and sporty tripod suits best for people who are wildlife and adventurous photographers. Such photographers visit locations that need a lot of guts as well as sturdiness. Hence, this tripod would meet every need of such photographers. A great weight of 3.3 kgs makes this tripod the heaviest and stronger one. It needs great muscle strength to carry this tripod from place to place. It can be stretched at a maximum height of 53.5 inches. The tough body of this tripod is resistant enough for moisture, dust, etc.

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