iPad Mini 2 with Retina display review

iPad Mini 2 with Retina display review


Jan 21, 2014
ipad-mini 2 with retina review Recently, latest Apple iPad mini 2 have been launched with new features. It now comes with Retina display which has added another chapter to the ongoing tablet wars. In lieu of these latest happenings, Amazon and Google have also upgraded their games. As a result, Cupertino brand came back with full strength by adding Retina display to this gadget. With this highly dynamic landscape, Apple made announcement about the launch of this latest i Pad mini 2 from its kitty. It comes along with A7 chip available under its hood. It also satisfies the need of enhanced HD action with 128GB iteration. Retina screen has been added to this gadget above all and the battery size has also been improvised for powering pixels in the most effective manner. There is a big issue with this latest launch from Apple which is price. Though Apple has tried to balance price of this gadget since last few years, the issue still persists. Even if one is quite enthralled with the looks and appeal of this i Pad Mini 2, the cost factor will always play a vital role when making a buying decision. The price of this gadget is AU$479, £320 or US$399. This is the prices of the newly launched 16 GB i Pad Mini 2 having Wi-Fi connectivity. If other players in the market are also considered, we find that Apple has a lot to think about and many challenges to cross. Nexus 7 from Google which is 7 inches is priced at AU$299, £199 and US$229 available with same specifications. Tat this same level, Kindle Fire from Amazon is available. G pad 8.3 from LG is also slightly overpriced and is available at AU$399, approximately US$329 and £260 for a 16 GB model. Using a micro SD card, the meagre innards can be further supplemented. Apple has also decided to permit its loyal users to free download i Work catalog besides iPhoto, Garage band and i Movie. If a user wishes to enjoy this facility, it means he or she will have to buy minimum 32 GB tablet. Here, one has to consider the pricing strategy of Apple. Internal storage is also being doubled which may again cost double in comparison to Google or Amazon. Despite above mentioned challenges in pricing strategy, iPad Mini is still value for money. Just because it has been launched by Apple doesn’t mean that it needs to be purchased. There are so many features in this gadget that one will surely get complete value of the money being spent. Only premium and well designed products are manufactured by Apple but paying additional cost for larger capacities is not justified. Though, iPad Mini from Apple is an excellent device, one must look into pricing issues before finalizing to buy this product.

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