How ASUS dominated Computex 2014

How ASUS dominated Computex 2014


Jun 20, 2014
How ASUS dominated Computex 2014 Jonney Shih is all the time excited for what he has to do. Unlike all the other years, he this year he had a fir and justified reason to be giddy. Alongside the best model and the most praised 4k laptop with 19mm thickness, the boss of ASUS also disclosed its lattermost five in one convergence device. Unrelenting was the lineup of the products from ASUS. Ahead of the event, reception space housed six new devices while on the other hand, the stage show summed up extra seven devices. That’s certainly not to describe the show floor space of the company which had new Chrome books brand and many more inclusive of the gaming headsets. Even with the products adhered in a glass for security; you would best file your elbows if you wish to have a closer look. A handful of masochistic iPad paparazzi were also seen during the event. The very next day witnessed Shih’s later stage appearance. This was spotted at the gaming event of ASUS ROG for PC. ASUS was still not done and so, apart from the previous announcement, two fresh Steam Machines, high end components of PC, 4K gaming laptop and a lot more was uncovered here. ASUS head grabbed all the ears when he started speaking about the ASUS’ new, slender convertible book, named Chih. This announcement was made at the big key note address of Intel. Powered by Intel’s brand new Core M Processor, it is the first Intel supported device. On the show floor, ASUS managed to have an extraordinary stand against Microsoft. Alongside laptops and tablets, it also is suffice with ROG, it sown gaming brand for the PC. We rationally block it out, but, there is even an enterprising stuff comprising of the cloud computing. It can be said that, whenever you plan on getting a smart phone, laptop with either of the Android or Windows operating system or even a tablet; it can be nothing else other than ASUS. Relive the modern paced proclamations all by yourself. If you are missing out on the i-Spy book of ASUS Computex, you certainly might rest your eyes upon Transformer Book T300 Chi, Transformer Book V, ASUS’ 4K Monitor, its spiky brand new Wi-Fi router, the Zenbook NX500, and also the latest MeMO Pad and Fone Pad iterations. ‘’In the search of incredible’’, being the motto of ASUS, it was announced as the biggest winner of overall Computex awards grabbing the poise for 22 awards. At Computex 2014, the best choice award was the bragging rights for S1 Mobile LED Projector, ROG G20 desktop and the PadFone S. Also the top prize at Computex- best choice golden award was offered to ROG G20 making it best choice of the year.17 additional products bagged the awards for Computex d&i.

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