Apple acquires beats music and beats electronics for $3 billion

Apple acquires beats music and beats electronics for $3 billion


Jun 6, 2014

Apple acquires beats music and beats electronics for $3 billion

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook proposed that the music is such an important part of all of everyone’s lives and holds a very special place within our hearts when at Apple.  So is the reason why Apple kept on investing in music and continued bringing together these unmatched teams for the creation of the most innovative music products and services in the entire world.

With this statement, apple confirmed its agreement of acquisition of Beats Electronics after the much awaited speculation. Beats which had mastered the name in making of speakers, headphones and audio software will now own the name of Apple. As per the agreement, Jimmy lovine and Dr. Dre- the co founders of Beats will be a part of Apple now. Apple has taken over the electronics veteran for a total cost amounting to $3 billion.

Jimmy lovine said that he had always known in his heart that Beats matched best with Apple. Lovine has greatly contributed to the innovation of the music industry for years together. He had collaborated with some of the amazingly successful artists in the iTunes Store history making his company the top most music retailer in the whole world. Being the entrepreneurs, sound pioneers, instrumental partners and the artists, lovine and Dr. Dre have remarkably added to their poise by shaking hands with Apple.

Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services- Eddy Cue said that Beats deal is going to make its lineup with music even better, right from the free streaming with iTunes Radio to a extraordinary subscription service of Beats. Also it will involve the buying of music from the iTunes Store just as customers did up till now.

Cupertino’s streaming music service had been long called by the fans of Apple. These hopes were encouraged in the year 2009, when Apple had bought Lala. When many of the young heart throbs were expecting more of a precise solution, all that we were given was the iOS7 with the iTunes Radio.

Beats music with I Phone has many curate playlists which are well designed and managed but some features and the user-interface takes the experience a little aback. In one of the interviews, Cook supported the notion of Apple acquiring Beats instead of coming up with its own streaming service for music because he believed that Beats is capable of providing a head-start to Apple.

Also there were rumors about the deal getting crumbled with Apple reducing its offer price but the news of Apple acquiring Beats was confirmed sooner at $3 billion; Beats being worth it as per the Cupertino. Beats Music has already updated its iOS app, pulling down the cost of annual subscription to $100 (a $20 discount) with free trial extension of window to two weeks as a token of celebration. Apart from this, Tim Cook has also confirmed that folks on phones with the Windows and Android OS would still be fortunate enough to avail the streaming service after the deal.

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