XOLO Play Tab 7.0 Overview

XOLO Play Tab 7.0 Overview


Feb 3, 2014
XOLO Play Tab 7.0 Review Recently, Play Tab 7.0 was launched by XOLO. This is the first tablet launched by the company that comes with features like NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. Holding this tab is quite comfortable and it feels good holding it. The box carrying this tab comes along with headphones (in-ear) with mic, travel charger, micro USB cable, warranty certificate and quick start guide besides this tab. Hardware This state of the art tab comes with 7 in IPS display with multi touch at a resolution of 1280×800 pixels with pixel density of 216 PPI. Excellent viewing angles in the display offer an opportunity to witness vibrant colors. These colors are quite glossy which makes it quite hard to use this gadget right under the sunlight. Reading as such becomes difficult and videos can also not be seen in such highly bright conditions. Another issue that comes with this tab due to its extra glossiness is its tendency to get finger prints easily. Surrounding the display is a huge bezel. In order to avoid these issues, it is better getting a screen guard. No hardware button is seen in the front of the tablet. Camera with fixed focus in this tab is 2 megapixel on front bezel. There is no ambient light sensor thus the tab needs manual adjustment of brightness which is going to be dependent on surrounding light. Other features are micro USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack and micro SD card slot. The size of this tablet is perfect and it weighs no more than 338 grams. Though, it is a little heavier in comparison to Nexus 7, it is quite comfortable to hold in hands. The tablet back is made of chrome color metal but the design is not so good because of its plastic accents at corners which give it a cheap look. In the centre of this, logo of Xolo has been etched on the metal. The thickness of this tablet is 10.6mm. On the back of the tab, black plastic is used as cover and volume rockers and power button can be seen. This feature is quite similar looking to Nexus 7. When holding this tab, these buttons are easily accessible. Close to power button, a hole with tiny microphone can be seen. At the tablet’s bottom, NVIDIA Tegra branding can be seen. Camera The camera in this tab is front facing and comes with 2-megapixel which is perfect for Skype and Hangout chats. For video chats, the big addition is the built in microphone. Digital zoom slider comes with camera user interface. Exposure and white balance can be adjusted easily. 176×144 pixel resolution video can be recorded by the camera. An option for video stabilization is also available which avoids shaking when capturing photos. Time lapse option is not available. Software Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS is used in Xolo Tab and as such a lot of options like day dream, lock screen widgets, photo filters, quick settings etc are missed. By installing Google search some of the options can be used. Home screen apps can be organized into folders.

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