Watsapp ready for Video calling?

Watsapp ready for Video calling?


Dec 23, 2015
WhatsApp-download-for-PC-update-for-iOS-Android-and-Windows-Phone-8.1-300x300 There is definitely some leak in Watsapp and they hopefully need a plumber to fix it soon. The earlier version of Watsapp ie. Watsapp calling had a few leaks and now here is the leak of the next hinted version which sports Video calling. WhatsApp is undoubtly one of the most widely used instant messaging services worldwide, crossing over 900 million monthly active users back in September. However it was a step back when compared with the Facebook-owned messaging app as it does not have the video calling option, which gives an edge to competing apps such as Hangouts and Skype. whatsapp_video_call_leak_macerkopf The leaked screenshots now tip that WhatsApp may soon receive video calling support in a bid to get ahead of its co-runners. Based on the leaked screenshots, the WhatsApp video call interface appears to be similar to the voice call one, with green-dominated tabs. The leaked screenshots show that users will also get the option to mute as well as switch cameras while on video call. Currently, WhatsApp is sitting around version 2.12.x (depending on what phone or tablet you’re using), but with the latest build, leaked screenshots suggest it won’t be long before we can all enjoy a little bit of WhatsApp video calling goodness. According to the website, WhatsApp for iOS version is being tested internally, and is the build that developers and beta testers are already testing video calling feature on. So far, there has been no word on video call support officially arriving to WhatsApp but it is expected that the feature may be rolled out early next year. Apart from video calling, WhatsApp is also rumoured to be testing a multi-tab UI which will allow users to jump from one conversation to another without going back to the main chat list.

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