All you want to know about Snapchat

All you want to know about Snapchat


Jan 3, 2014
Know About Snapchat We are going to talk about an amazing mobile application that makes sharing and viewing of photos that easy and quick. Snapchat is an application that can be downloaded in the android as well as IOS versions making it simpler for the users of share photos with their loved ones even more enjoyable. Developed by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, they were then studying at the Stanford University. One can take photos, share videos, make videos, add drawings and text and send their messages to a list of controlled viewers or recipients. The best part about this application is that a time limit can be set to view that photo or the sent message after which that particular viewer or recipient will become hidden or removed from that list. This application which was initially just made as a part of the school project was launched in a living room. The initial stress was given on the technicality and the user friendliness rather than putting all efforts on the branding aspect of it. For using this application, one has to press that one major button in the center to click an image. The user can then further make changes in that same image by inserting text and drawings in the same image. Once the image is ready to be sent, the user has to select the number of viewers allowed to view that particular photo. Also the time limit to view that particular message can also be set differently for every viewer. Once the time limit is over, that viewer is deleted from that list and cannot view that image anymore. The time can range to any number of seconds, minutes, hours or even days. Though it has been clouded with many controversies overseas, but this application has certainly gained momentum and is used extensively by different age groups. This actually makes it easier for people to share their photos and videos with a limited number of people and you can have full control over the time and the photos to be viewed. The recent controversy that it got into was the concept of ‘sexting’. It was observed that many people used this software to exchange explicit pictures which included a little bit of nudity in that particular image. There is this question of the users under the age of 18 getting introduced to such a culture. The owners of this application have time and again made people aware to use this application for a better use rather than using it for sexting. Some basic information about the product:
  • It was initially released for the first time in September 2011
  • The language in which it is available is English
  • Android and iOS are the operating systems
Snapchat also introduced Snapkidz for its users under the age of 13.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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