All you want to know about Samsung Gear S

All you want to know about Samsung Gear S


Dec 31, 2014
All you want to know about Samsung Gear S Samsung Gear S is the first Gear watch that allows you to make and receive calls from your wrist. The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has launched five different smart watches within a period of a year apart from Samsung Gear S. All these smart watches come with unique and smart designs. Samsung Gear S runs with company’s own operating system called Tizen and structured like the specifications of a mid range phone, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS radio. It is must buy for the fitness trackers for its built in map application that aids you navigate and track your steps along with checking your heart beat while pausing amidst traffic as you are crossing the road. This Gear S has a 3G modem in it and you can respond to emails with the help of a tiny onscreen keyboard. Some merits of Samsung Gear S
  1. It works like a standalone phone
  2. Available with captivating AMOLED display
  3. Samsung Gear S has longer battery life
  4. It is available with a portable charger
Demerits of Samsung Gear S
  1. Requires a phone for loading application and activation
  2. It has limited application
  3. The design is bulky with a large strap
  4. The application library is weak in comparison with Android wear
  5. Samsung data plan requires a connected data plan to use it as a cellular phone.
The Design of Samsung Gear S The Gear S is designed like a small smart phone that has been wrapped like a wristband. It comes with a large curved screen, chromium plated edge, and a small home button below the screen. This user friendly smart watch comes in customized design to fit your wrist easily. It is a water resistant smart watch that saves it though it gets wet. Another specific feature of this Samsung Gear S is that it has its own speakers and microphone. While receiving a message it vibrates like your cell phone. Sensors are all there in this smart watch to make it work efficiently. Regarding the storage capacity, the Samsung Gear S has 4 GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM and has a dual core processor. Though it weighs a little more unlike the usual wrist watch, still for the appealing display it has become rage among the present day tech savvy youngster. The display screen of this spectacular smart watch comes with 2 inch 480×360 pixel AMOLED display, which indicates a larger screen and pixel count than other android wear smart watches. You can use this Samsung Gear S as a mini phone working as a wrist watch. For its MOLED featured display all notifications of texts and phone calls at this smart watch glow at the required gentle level. The wide display allows you to read a blog easily on this phone cum watch. Here in this Samsung Gear S you need to use the pop up QWERTY keyboard or voice recognition to browse the Opera web. However, you may find it little hard to type on the tiny screen with one finger. In such case, you can use the voice recognition that is better than S-Voice on previous Gear S smart watches. You can answer your call in this Gear S through the built –in speakerphone, or via a connected Bluetooth head set. Those who like to use hands free for calling can definitely go for this coolest device. This wrist phone will give you the smart impression and give you the feel of techie person.

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