Twitter – No more a social media app in Apple store

Twitter – No more a social media app in Apple store


May 11, 2016
Twitter is famous for real time news feeds and events and unlike Facebook and other social media and it is also much preferred less when it comes to keeping in touch with friends. This is mainly because it is more about following people who share things similar to your interests, whether you know them or not. With this, now the micro-blogging website Twitter is no longer pitted against social networks like Facebook and is now categorised under the “news” section in the Apple’s App Store starting from Friday (29-4-2016) Though there are a lot of Why’s and How’s going about since its debut in the news section, this is probably the best thing that has happened with Twitter as this change has helped it gain more visibility and it is now the number one free app in the news category of the App Store. With all these going around it is to be noted that Twitter’s shares fell sharply about 12 percent after the micro-blogging website had missed the first quarter revenue estimates this week though it managed to add 5 million people to take its monthly active user base to 310 million.

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