Tribord Introduces Full Faced Underwater Snorkel – The Easybreath

Tribord Introduces Full Faced Underwater Snorkel – The Easybreath


Jun 20, 2014
Tribord Introduces Full Faced Underwater Snorkel _The Easybreath Tribord has introduced a new mask for just £33 that helps in under water breathing. This mask is very convenient for the first timers as they can breathe in easily just like any other professional. The experience of looking for treasures and other amazing beings under the seas and oceans happens to be very exciting. Using snorkels leads to great uneasiness and difficulties as it constantly steams upward. The new Easybreath by Tribord is quite naturally designed unlike the regular snorkels. The most important factor of the Easybreath is that the mask is designed intricately to prevent fogging on the front glass. While using a basic snorkel, one has to use his mouth to breath which is not an easy job to master. The Easybreath mask covers the entire face of the user instead of just covering the eyes. No separate tube has to be used for breathing. The new Easybreath is designed to keep the nose and mouth of the swimmer free so that he can breathe normally with the help of a double air flowing scheme. This new mask makes breathing underwater as easy as breathing normally on land. The Easybreath snorkels will hit the market later this year as said by the Tribord, Paris. The masks will be available in five attractive colors as purple, white, green, blue and red. The working principle of this Easybreath is quite handy and user friendly as well. Instead of big eye-covering goggles along with separate breathing tube, the Easybreath offers full face cover at once. The system takes care of the moist air that is exhaled so that it is properly evacuated. It has an additional benefit of no vapor accumulation in the glass. It has a snorkel tube what is likely to remain above the water surface. The exhaled air is released through it. This mask has an innovative valve that protects the air-tube when the swimmer is completely submerged in the water. The goggles of normal snorkels can block a part of the swimmer’s vision but in case of Easybreath, the swimmer is likely to get a broader and clear view. Much modified version of the snorkel was introduced by a South Korean designer in recent days. The user will almost behave like a human fish on wearing the mutated version of mask. This new mask, named Triton has the potential of acting like gill slits of fishes which consequently extract the oxygen dissolved in water so that the swimmer can breathe in ease even under the water.

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