Trading in Sonos Play- 3 for Korus V400 & V600: A Comparative Review

Trading in Sonos Play- 3 for Korus V400 & V600: A Comparative Review


Dec 24, 2013
  sonos-vs-korus Trading Sonos Play- 3 for Korus V400 & V600: If you are looking for a set of wireless speakers for your apartment, you have certainly been told by your retailer to go for the Sonos Play: 3. It is, after all, the most popular right now. But it will be wise to go through the reviews of the product and compare it with its toughest competitors in the market, namely the Korus V400 and V600. While the common users have found the Korus products to be better in many respects, the experts are also of the opinion that both the V400 and the V600 have emerged as replacements for the Sonos Play: 3. So should you choose the Korus V400 or V600 instead of the Sonos Play: 3? Let us consider the points you may find in the reviews of the products to draw up a comprehensive comparison.
  • The primary difference between the Sonos Play: 3 and the Korus devices is the connectivity. The Sonos device uses Wi-Fi and requires a Bridge device without which the wireless facility does not work. And yes, you have to buy it exclusively.  The Korus devices have three ‘batons’ including a USB port, a 30 pin connector for apple iOS devices and a Lighting connector as well. They use a SKAA protocol transmitter which connects the boxes with the computer automatically.
  • One major drawback of the Korus V400 and V600 is the fact that they are designed for iOS devices. You need to download an iOS application to get the best experience. The Sonos Play: 3 on the other hand is made for both iOS and android devices.
  • The Korus V400 and V600 plays all; iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, you name it! So does the Sonos Play: 3 but you need to download additional software for that.
  • One huge disadvantage of the Korus devices is the fact that they are heavier than the Sonos Play: 3. The V400 is 11x6x5.5 inches and weighs in at 11 pounds. The V600 is 17x9x7 inches although not much heavier. While they are not exactly heavy, neither are they conveniently portable. The Sonos Play: 3 is only 16 cm deep which makes it truly easy to carry.
  • While the Korus V600 uses a battery in case you want to take it out, the V400 does not have that provision. This is some serious turn-off.
  • The one limitation of the Sonos Play: 3 is that it comes without any auxiliary devices. No headphones or anything is available with the device. Even the CR200 remote control has to be bought exclusively.
  • Regarding the quality of sound, there is not much gap between the Sonos Play: 3 and the Korus devices though. You can have a quality sound experience with all of them.
These are briefly the most important points that the reviews cover. In conclusion, it might be added that Korus V600 is the real deal although the Korus V400 is not much of a competition for the Sonos Play: 3.

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