Top 5 Collaboration Tools

Top 5 Collaboration Tools


Jan 8, 2015
Top 5 Collaboration Tools Is your team sitting in different continents? Are you not able to communicate and be in touch with your team through a common platform? Here are some tools that will ease you’re your communication gaps and bring all team members on the same platform. Collaboration tools are the great way to increase your motivation to use these tools. A collaboration tool is one of the most powerful tools which helps people to work together to solve a predefined task in a easier way to achieve a specific goal. It is a user friendly tool which can be accessed on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The most common problem which are faced among people working remotely is the communication problem, as people working in different location have to interact regularly separated by different time zones and countries. Sometimes people face problem if the quick decisions have to be made by people working in different field locations. To overcome these problems there are some collaboration tools which helps people to interact globally in a more efficient way. Online collaboration enables people working in two or more organizations to connect and communicate in a more easier way. The following are the benefits of collaboration tools:
  • Select the appropriate collaboration tools depending on the learner’s requirement for better communication and reporting.
  • Helps to manage and keep track of projects, assignments, documents etc.
  • Team members can work remotely from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet connection.
  • Collaboration tools provides the best ways for team members to store, access and share all necessary documents regardless of their location.
Below are the top 5 collaboration tools which helps to manage the team working remotely. With so many tools though the learner must be unsure which tools to use and which tools are really required as every tool has its core functionalities and benefits depending on its usability and accessibility. Doodle: Mostly for the team members working from different cities, countries and also from different time zones, it’s a cumbersome task to schedule meetings, conference calls which is suitable for all team members. Doodle helps to manage and save the learner from this cumbersome task by creating an event and scheduling the days and date. Every team member will get the invitation of the event and they can now enter their inputs which is best suitable for teammates. Doodle also captures the time zone differences through “switch on time-zone support” function to schedule the time accordingly. Dropbox: It is the most useful tool for collaboration as every team member needs an online file sharing system which all team members can access easily. Dropbox helps team members to access multiple files, folders and documents. This tool provides the easy way to upload the folders allowing the team members to create a “shared folders” which will be shown on every teammate’s computer. Also the uploaded folder then can be accessed by any teammate who has the access to that folder. Google Docs: Sometimes for team members it becomes necessary to worktogetheron one document at the same time. Google Docs helps to perform this task easily allowing the team members to organize and create spreadsheets, presentations and online document. To allow the team members to edit the document at the same time, they just need to create the document and share the link with other people. There is no need to install office software as the document opens via the browser. Skype: It is also the most used application which helps team member to connect and communicate with the entire team anytime through messaging, text chat and video calling for free. It has an added advantage of Group Chat where at a time 9 people can video chat by subscribing to Skype Google Hangouts: This application is same as Skype with some added advantage and is most used than Skype as through Skype only two people can video chat at a time for free. Google Hangouts are best to keep you connect and synchronized. To connect through Google Hangouts anytime, learner should have a Google+ account allowing more than 9 people to video chat at the same time for free.

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